Tuesday, December 30, 2008

When is park play equipment the right park play equipment?

[caption id="attachment_1953" align="alignnone" width="439" caption="Landscape Structures Playground equipment in Halifax NS."]play-structure-halifax-102[/caption]

The improvements to the playground equipment in Vine Parkette and Sir Casimir Gzowski Park, were much welcomed efforts by the Toronto Parks department. The Sir Casimir Gzowski Park project stands out for the wonderful and successful work of the Toronto Parks department -- Manager Partnership Development, as the project was funded and organized by the Partnership Development section in the amount of a $80,000 donation from “Bay Street Fore A Cau$e”. Securing these funds where no monies were available in the Toronto Parks capital budget was a great achievement. {full report in link opens in new window}

Toronto Parks has a good Partnership Development Department. But one wonders if the department in charge of the choice and installation of the play structures could seek out more innovative and creative equipment for our community parks. The City of Toronto has to be highly concerned about the liability and safety issues of all children's play structures, but does safety not need to be balanced with child motor skill development, creative play and mostly fun.

[caption id="attachment_1960" align="alignnone" width="225" caption="Landscape Structures Inc's "Evos" climbers slide"]Landscape Structures Inc's "Evos" climbers slide[/caption]

Enhancements that would have particular benefit of our inner city parks:

  • a challenging playground for the creative mind and body

  • provide physical fitness benefits which would help combat the rise in childhood obesity

  • a well designed structure which encourages social interaction and builds positive interpersonal skills

  • an environment which is inclusive to those with different abilities

  • scenarios which would promote parent-child play

To achieve this goal the City staff whom are responsible for design, safety and management of play structure installation will have to work alongside several other key City departments. Consultation needs to be done with the Risk Management Department and the City Solicitor to examine how to create play structures which ensure the utmost safety for children yet does not sacrifice the creative and physical development of the child.

An example of a company which has a very reputable history of designing challenging yet, safe play structures for children is Landscape Structures [link] which is located in Delano, MN. The company is represented in Canada by ABC Recreation of Paris, Ontario [link]

Landscape Structures statement on their site

Research shows that children who have opportunities to play in natural settings are typically healthier and more likely to become adults who will respect and protect the earth.

Landscape Structures, the premier provider of innovative playground [Link opens in new window]

[caption id="attachment_1964" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Xwave park play toy"]Xwave park play toy[/caption]

Another interesting company is Xccent’ playground components [link] one of their products the x-wave is similar to an old seesaw but can fit up to 20 kids.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Green13 Earth Hour Saturday March 28th 2009

West Toronto environmental action group Green13 is holding a earth hour on Saturday March 28th 2009.

...also they are having there next meeting at 7 pm on Tuesday, January 6th at the West Toronto Baptist Church, 3049 Dundas Street West.

Below is their information notice. (Please Note they would like people to RSVP contact info listed below)


Green13 would like to invite you and members of your organization to attend a meeting to discuss Earth Hour 2009, planned for Saturday March 28th. As you will hopefully recall, Earth Hour 2008 was a tremendous success, particularly so in our community as an estimated 500 people participated in a candle-light walk through Bloor West Village. We would like to make this year’s event an even greater success!

Some ideas that have already come up include further involvement of youth and schools, additional participation from local businesses, incorporating an advocacy component into Earth Hour and organizing a town hall meeting to discuss ongoing environmental initiatives and community participation.

We would very much like to hear your thoughts on how we can expand Earth Hour to include a number of events and reach even more members of our community.

We are holding our planning meeting at 7 pm on Tuesday, January 6th at the West Toronto Baptist Church, 3049 Dundas Street West. The meeting location is wheelchair accessible. Please let us know if you are able to attend, or if you are part of a group, if a colleague will be able to attend. We are striving to make Earth Hour 2009 as inclusive and successful as possible, and we need your help to do it!

If you have any questions and to RSVP please contact Chris Holcroft at Chris_Holcroft@yahoo.com or 416-996-0767.

Thank you!


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Junction parents Blog SPRING EQUINOX idea

Over at the Junction Parents Blog this post details an idea for a spring equinox event at the Junction City Square.

[caption id="attachment_1904" align="alignnone" width="409" caption="Junction parents blog spring-equinox"]Junction parents blog spring-equinox[/caption]

This is an exceptional idea, The beauty of the idea is that that it creates a further grasp of how small groups can create a special places and memories as a adhoc team to enhance and build their community at street level for everyone. Hopefully efforts like this will radiate in the minds and actions of many more peiople in the community. The quality of the of the Junction has been it's community actions - such as the doubling of the size of Vine Park during the 70's to the un won but not lessened effort to save the CPR Station at Annette St and Dundas St.

Hopefully people are drawn to this creative, and alternative, idea to make it a big success.

Jane Jacobs video and the Junction

[caption id="attachment_1901" align="alignnone" width="289" caption="Jane Jacobs video at the CBC Site"]Jane Jacobs video at the CBC Site[/caption]

The CBC archive site has a 1969 video clip of about 11minuites that has some sections that are very pertinent to the Junction area right now. She speaks  towards issues that people want in their community and how the past and current built environment has and will affect current issues. All of her comments are equally as important as possible.

from their site...

With her astute observations about the way we live, Jane Jacobs dynamically changed the urban landscape. The author, activist, theorist and self-taught philosopher challenged the establishment with her ideas about cities and the economy. In this CBC Television clip from 1969, Jacobs, a new immigrant to Canada, discusses Toronto's quirks and Montreal's creativity.

Remembering Jane Jacobs.

The CBC Digital Archives Website.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Last updated: March 13, 2008.

[Page consulted on Dec. 16, 2008.]

Additional information can be found in the article by Robert Fulford [Link opens in new window]

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Parties in the Junction

Annual Party at Linda's and Ken' s house at Mc Murray Ave.

Every year around Christmas time we receive an invitation to join our neighbors at their annual Christmas Party at their house. We always look forward to this neighborhood event because Linda and Ken, and of course their kids, are very cordial and caring people.
Again this year the party was amazing with wonderful festive atmosphere, so friendly and cozy that we didn't want to go home. The Family and neighbors prepared great delicious meals. We shared not only receipts, but also stories about Christmas, old customs and jokes. We didn't need any official entertainers, everybody was contributing to this joyous night. But there is always an end.
With the snow falling and Christmas lights everywhere, with love and peace in our hearts, we said good night and slowly went to our homes.
We would like to thank to Linda and Ken for hosting this celebration that brought all of us together little bit more and left us with memories we will cherish.

Wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009!

Adriana Soudek

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Junction industrial job posting at Canadian Rogers Eastern Limited on Vine Ave.

from their listing...

Specific Skills: Read specifications or follow verbal instructions, Lay out, set up and operate one or more light or heavy metalworking machines, Cut, bend, roll, ream, punch, drill, weld or otherwise shape and form metal stock into parts or products, Check products for correct shapes, dimensions and other specifications, Troubleshoot, perform corrective action or minor repairs, Document work completed, Clean and lubricate equipment

Bending press operator - metal fabrication {complete job listing opens in new window}

why it's more important than you may think...

Canadian Rogers Eastern Limited a venerable metal fabrication business [and design? don't know] has posted a job offer on the federal Jobbank site. This is great, as the Junction needs more and even more industrial jobs. Other than the few that were created in the Junction - when ST Mary's cement opened a distribution site at the old Monarch mills site on Junction Rd earlier this year, and which may have been people brought in from their other locations, there probably were not many created.

In terms of skilled industrial businesses Canadian Rogers Eastern Limited is one the few remaining in the Junction and the last below the tracks. Above the tracks there still is NRI (rubber), Canada Bread, Andrew Merrilees Limited (railroad track and materials), and a number of enterprises on Gunns Rd.

More listing hightlights

Salary: To be negotiated, Other Benefits, Medical Benefits, Dental Benefits, Life Insurance Benefits, Group Insurance Benefits, Vision Care Benefits, As per collective agreement indicating that at least some of the plant is unionized.

Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities: Fast-paced environment, Repetitive tasks, Physically demanding, Manual dexterity, Attention to detail

posted by Robert

Monday, December 22, 2008

400 KEELE ST Sign Permit update

Click image for full size view

[caption id="attachment_1865" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Drawing of sign details - click image for full size view"]Drawing of sign details - click image for full size view[/caption]

Project update: Toronto parking Auth. plan for new sign at 400 Keele Street. Lot

Sign Permit; 400 KEELE ST

Aplliction #:08 231093 SGN 00 SP

Proposal to remove one existing four-sided pedestal sign and erect one single-sided third party, illuminated billboard ground sign 10' x 20' (18.68m2) on South-East corner

The existing 4 sided column will not be replaced by the new 2 sided column as previously indicated.  Instead the small scale 4 sided column be replaced with an “Illuminated, Tri-Vision Ground Sign” which translates into a 20 foot high billboard.

I fail to see how this meets the programs directive to improve “overall aesthetics” and “reduce the overall square footage of the advertising space”

Sign Variance - 400 Keele St Oct 08 [link opens in new window]

submitted by Martin Lennox

1st post of this subject on the blog

Toronto parking Auth. plan for new sign at 400 Keele St. Lot

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Irving Tissue Corp. - gains right to demolish Weston Rd plant building

City Council has approved  the application to demolish the buildings at 1415 Weston Road (Irving tissue)
pursuant to By-law No. 3102-95 of the former City of York, subject to a beautification program.

[caption id="attachment_1818" align="alignnone" width="444" caption="1415 Weston Road Irving Tissue Corporation  "]1415 Weston Road  Irvine Tissue[/caption]

This blogs post with the application information

Irving Tissue Corporation  - seeks to demolish Weston Rd plant building

posted by Robert

Note: City reports list the company name as Irvine Tissue while the company site usses the name Irving Tissue.

what's it cost to rent a cell tower site from the city? ...and what if the city thinks it ugly

The tower and it's rent

[caption id="attachment_1809" align="alignnone" width="156" caption="Rogers tower at the corner of Allen Road and Transit Road"]Rogers tower at the corner of Allen Road and Transit Road[/caption]

Schedule “A”
Major Terms and Conditions
Licensee: Rogers Wireless Inc.
Licensor: City of Toronto
Premises: part of land at the corner of Allen Road and Transit, an
approximate of 48.26 square meters
Term: License agreement for Five (5) years with Five (5) year renewal
option, commencing on Jan 1, 2007 to Dec 31, 2016
Rent: Jan 1, 2007 to March 31, 2013 at $21,500 per annum or $1,792 per
, net, plus all applicable taxes. The rate is to be escalated at
2.5% per year.
Termination: City reserves the right to terminate the
the license, for municipal
purpose, with one year in advance notice.

The problem

City Council on December 1, 2 and 3, 2008, given the prominent location of this tower,
referred this Item to the Chief Planner and Executive Director, City Planning:
1. to enter into discussions with Rogers Wireless Inc., with a view to enhancing the
appearance of the installation; and

2. to negotiate, in consultation with the Chief Corporate Officer, a public art component of
the lease agreement for this structure
, which can best be described as a “finger of jagged
ugliness thrust into the Downsview sky”.

all text in italics City of Toronto

Site Licence at the Corner of Allen Road and Transit Road Full report [opens in new window]

Posted by Robert

Business Improvement Areas expenditure requests and levy for 2009

[caption id="attachment_1774" align="alignnone" width="444" caption="BIA approved budgets"]BIA approved budgets[/caption]

Council approval is required to permit the City to collect funds through the tax levy on behalf of the local BIAs. Approval is goverened under The City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 19 and the City of Toronto Act, 2006.

This blogs past post on What is a Business Improvement Area?

Selected Comments from the cities report with some highlights.

The Bloor West Village BIA 2009 Operating Budget was approved at meetings of the
BIA’s Board of Management on September 17, 2008 and its general membership held on
October 7, 2008. The balanced budget of $386,665 in capital and operating expenditures
will be funded by a levy requirement of $338,851 and the appeal provision surplus of
$38,814, plus other anticipated revenues of $9,000 from festival events, GST recovery
and interest. The 2009 expenditure budget provides for a similar level of general BIA
administration, maintenance and promotion/advertising activities as budgeted in 2008. A
proposed increase in capital expenditure in 2009 is required to complete the gas lamp solar
conversion capital project
Blog Comment {interesting and thoughtful project in many ways} In 2008, the BIA had to reduce spending in BIA
administration, capital projects, advertising and promotion, so that current funds can be
used to cover the 2007 operating deficit. It is recommended that the Bloor West Village
BIA’s 2009 budget of expenditures totalling $386,665 and a BIA levy of $338,851 be

The Corso Italia BIA 2009 Operating Budget was approved at meetings of the BIA’s
Board of Management on August 11, 2008 and its general membership on October 6,
2008. The BIA proposes to increase the levy by 30% to $214,951 in 2009 after reducing
Staff report for action on 2009 BIA Operating Budgets 7
the levy by 20% in 2008 to assist the local merchants through the TTC construction
period. With its accumulated surplus funds used up in 2008, the BIA has to rely on new
levies to fund operating expenditures in 2009. Other revenue sources include the appeal
provision surplus of $15,741, expected GST recoveries of $10,000 and other income of
$259. To offset the negative impact that the TTC right-of-way and roadwork
construction along St. Clair Avenue has on the area, the BIA will increase advertising and
promotion of the area; the BIA expects a grant of $30,000 from the City’s “Shop Local”
campaign on St. Clair Avenue West to assist in this endeavour
. The BIA proposes to
maintain the same spending level as in 2008 for BIA administration, promotion and
advertising, and capital maintenance. Capital projects planned for 2009 include new BIA
banners and flower planters. The pedestrian lights capital cost-share project is expected to
be completed by the end of 2008. It is recommended that the Corso Italia BIA’s 2009
budget of expenditures totalling $270,951 and a BIA levy of $214,951 be approved.

The Junction Gardens BIA was called to action in their management report for errors and was recommended to hire a part time bookkeeper or train their coordinator

The Junction Gardens BIA 2009 Operating Budget was approved at meetings of the
BIA’s Board of Management on September 9, 2008 and its general membership held on
October 2, 2008. The balanced budget of $282,123 in expenditures will require a levy
requirement of $259,904. In addition to the BIA levy, other revenues include the appeal
provision surplus of $21,969 that the City will be returning to the BIA, and interest
income of $250. Now that the 2008 centennial celebrations of the Junction are over, the
BIA proposes a 27% reduction in the expenditure budget in 2009
Blog Comment {why is the BIA in a developing area  reducing the levy by 27 percent? All it does is lessen the amount  the business owners can use for  joint development and marketing ?}, comprised of a reduced budget of $128,245 for marketing and promotional initiatives, fewer capital maintenance activities requiring a budget of only $27,000, and undertaking three small capital projects
totalling $15,000 as a trial to see which one the BIA will choose to do on a larger scale in
2010. It is recommended that the Junction Gardens BIA’s 2009 budget of expenditures
totaling (sic)$282,123 and a BIA levy of $259,904 be approved.

The Parkdale Village BIA 2009 Operating Budget was approved at meetings of the
BIA’s Board of Management on September 8, 2008 and its general membership held on
October 6, 2008. The balanced budget of expenditures totalling $546,410 calls for a
similar levy requirement as in 2008. In addition to the levy, the BIA expects to receive
grants totalling $15,000 from the City’s Commercial Research Investment Program and
Mural Program, $9,000 in interest income, and an appeal provision surplus of $13,068
that the City is returning to the BIA. A major capital cost-share project for pedestrian
lights, deferred from 2008, will be undertaken in 2009 with $300,000 of BIA funds

already accumulated for this purpose. Besides capital spending for pedestrian lights and a mural, the BIA proposes to increase the maintenance budget by $24,000 for a new graffiti
removal program, and increase advertising and promotion in 2009. The BIA is projecting
an operating surplus of $65,799 in 2008 resulting from the deferral of the pedestrian
lights capital project and development of a Strategic Plan. As well, some 2008 proposed
promotional initiatives were deferred until 2009. It is recommended that the Parkdale
Village BIA’s 2009 budget of expenditures totalling $546,410 and a BIA levy of
$209,342 be approved.

The entire long list can be viewed in this report [Full report [opens in new window]

Posted by Robert

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

West Bend Community Association gets Councillor to provide an update on City plans and programs

TWBCA January Meeting:
Wednesday January 21, 2009 @ 7:00pm - Guest Speaker: Gord Perks
We have booked Councillor Perks to come and provide an update on City plans and programs. Bring your questions for the councillor.

Information about the West Bend RA.

TWBCA has been functioning for approximately 25 years, formerly under the name of the Dundas West Residents Association. It is recognized by the City of Toronto as a community organization and receives public notices of City initiatives affecting the area... from their site

Why isn't Junction Rd blocked off yet?

Big, fast  and efficient METROLINX IS NEW PROPONENT OF GEORGETOWN LINE  between Union Station and Pearson International Airport as of Dec 15th. Remember the Go Transit rail-to-rail grade separation passes thorough the Junction on Junction Rd and Weston Rd.

“I am excited that we are taking on this project – it is an important element of our Regional Transportation Plan. We will review the project and meet with people to get their views before we begin a transit environmental assessment process,” said Rob MacIsaac, Chair of Metrolinx.

Metrolinx is managing the EA portion of the project and GO Transit will provide expertise in rail service planning, in consultation with its transportation partners.

Metrolinx will present a revised project plan in the New Year, where communities opportunities to comment <-- a word this blog does not like in this context, we would have liked to see the word input and further calls for community integration help.  In their favor though are the words of METROLINX chair in the quote above that provides a stronger sign that people concerns and views will be made use of.

METROLINX IS NEW PROPONENT OF GEORGETOWN LINE [their press release opens in new window]

This Blogs earlier post on the closing City staff ok’s temporary closing Old Weston Rd, at Junction Road

Metrolinx to fast-track airport link Toronto Star Article [opens in new window]

200 Annette St. Czechoslovak Baptist Church

A PRELIMINARY PROJECT REVIEW application has been taken out  for 200 Annette St. Czechoslovak Baptist Church, in an effort to to change the use to a Dance Studio with accessory uses from a place of worship.

data - City of Toronto

Link to the blogs originial post about the sale Czechoslovak Baptist Church for sale, what will happen?

Posted by Robert

Monday, December 15, 2008

Toronto parking Auth. plan for new sign at 400 Keele St. Lot

With an American company named Allvision with a office in Mississauga, the City of Toronto is attempting  to understanding the value of existing and undeveloped outdoor advertising assets, to
advise and provide a city-wide strategic plan for the TPA’s aging outdoor advertisement
portfolio. The existing portfolio of signs were all built prior to amalgamation and are
located in 3 of the 4 new community council areas
. {city report}

Allvision remit was to update the overall aesthetics of the signage, they did this by solicited offers from qualified bidders to modernize and replace the existing portfolio of signs, the city report claims the result was a significant upgrade in terms of appearance and quality, which could be said to be true looking at the before and after images from the report.

The columns have been designed by internationally renowned designer Jeremy
Kramer (designer of new street furniture in Toronto).

This report provides supplemental information to the sign variance application presented by
Mr. Lorne Persiko,
Vice President, Real Estate & Development on behalf of the Toronto Parking Authority, for approval of variances for a newly designed Illuminated, Trivision Ground sign at 400 Keele Street.

STAFF REPORT INFORMATION ONLY Full report [opens in new window]

Picture Credit - City of Toronto Reports

Thursday, December 11, 2008

THE COURTYARD HOUSE a laneway house in the Junction :-)

Picture credit Robert Jan. 2008

THE COURTYARD HOUSE in the Junction is hopefully an important progenitor house, which will found additional infill laneway housing and live-work in the Junction laneways . This a house , making full use of the lane, just look how the entryway pulls the lane in . It doesn't "live" within the lane as many lane-way houses do in Toronto, rather it transforms the lane into a public activity space, all without destroying the essence of the lane.

Right now the poppytalk blog has some interesting interior shots of the house and further information about it THE COURTYARD HOUSE at poppytalk blog [opens in new window]

Posted by Robert

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Parkland Acquisition at 50 St. Joseph Street

Interesting info of how a park comes into being at a condominium development.

from the cities report, sections pasted together after redaction of general text -

50 St. Joseph Street. Through the development, the City will be obtaining a substantial amount of parkland equivalent to approximately 30% of the development site area. The parkland will be obtained through
three methods.
1)The developer is required to provide a statutory parkland dedication.
Another portion of parkland is being secured as a Section 37 contribution, through a....Acquisition sub-project, 50 St. Joseph Street, in the amount of $600,000.00, funded from
the Parkland Acquisition - Toronto Local Reserve Fund, (XR2053) to complete the
acquisition of parkland for the site.
Section 37 agreement. In addition the City will make a direct payment to the owner of the land in order to complete the proposed parkland acquisition

Funding the Parkland Acquisition at 50 St. Joseph Street Feb 08/Full report [opens in new window]

City of Toronto's page for the project [opens in new window]

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The chickens & bees in your back yard

The city of Cleveland's  City Planning Commission is considering livestock ordinance to allow the keeping of/ tending chickens, goats, bees and livestock within the city proper.

Chickens are banned in Toronto because they are considered farm animals. Violators face a $240 fine. Of course many lots would not be suitable for this type of effort in Toronto, but many would. It would require well managed inspections by the city, and excellent behavior towards the neighbors concerns from those keeping the animals.
Creative Commons Licensecredit: Gabe Currie

The so-called "chickens and bees" ordinance would update existing zoning to allow up to six chickens (or ducks) on the typical residential lot, provided they're located in a backyard and housed in predator-proof coops that are no closer than 10 feet

"In researching how other cities handle livestock, I found the more densely populated the city, the less restrictive they are toward chickens," Klein says, citing New York and Chicago's policy that chickens can be raised as 'pets' as long as they're only providing eggs (not for slaughter). "Creating a law that's restrictive when many (Clevelanders) are keeping chickens as pets will be a hardship, hard to enforce, and it won't make our food system more secure. If chickens are innocuous, why not make it easier for Cleveland residents?"

draft of Cleveland's livestock ordinance farm_animals_bees10-31 [link opens in new window]

from Marc Lefkowitz  submission at GreenCityBlueLake blog

The Toronto Star had a well researched article in May of this year. {link - opens in new window}

Also here is a link to the Toronto chickens site, just about everything you need to know about the issue in Toronto. {link - opens in new window}

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sorauren Park & Park activities

Here are a couple of quick updates on Park activities and Fieldhouse news:

-the 3rd annual Carol Sing takes place Dec. 18 from 7-8 pm behind the Fieldhouse... see the notice below, all invited

-interested in getting a permit to use the Fieldhouse? Watch for news of public meetings in early January... Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation will explain permit policies and procedures

Wabash Building Society

Friday, December 5, 2008

New Community Arts Festival -Kiteworks-

from the Roncesvalles-Macdonell Residents' Association site [link opens in new window]

A New Community Arts Festival is being organized to debut in April 2009 Kiteworks

KiteWorks is an ad hoc, not-for-profit collective that believes art can work to build stronger communities and bring about meaningful social change! 
With your help, KiteWorks aims to coordinate an interdisciplinary community arts festival in Parkdale called KiteSite: Ronces-dale / Park-valles. The festival is scheduled for the first weekend of April 2009.

We believe that the ideas driving the festival must come from community members like all of you! 
We want to know what community issues you are passionate about. 
KiteSite is about listening and sharing stories, creating art and celebrating community. Over the winter months, KiteWorks will encourage community members to enter into collective learning environments where they will explore local history through arts-based activities. As such, KiteWorks is dedicated to art education. 
By looking critically at local history and community development, KiteWorks hopes to spark dialogue about local issues that resonate among Parkdale's residents.This dialogue will then inform the creation of art works that speak to these issues. KiteWorks believes that our responsibility to local community and our immediate environment is directly linked to our sense of allegiance to place. 
By celebrating stories of local history and social justice, KiteWorks hopes to transform space into place, thus strengthening community in Ronces-dale /Park-valles.

Be Involved!
Be Inspired!

We are looking to grow! 
Be a member of KiteWorks! 

For more information, please contact us at: kiteworks@gmail.com.

Czechoslovak Baptist Church for sale, what will happen?



from the sales sheet - Development Opportunities

link to agents site about the sale [opens in new window]

The site offers an opportunity to convert the existing building to residential lofts or create traditional townhouses. Current zoning is R2 Z0.6 which permits places of worship, as well as a variety of residential building types including detached, semidetached, row housing, and apartments to a maximum of 0.6 times the lot area. The City of Toronto Official Plan designates the Property as ‘Neighbourhood’. The existing building is ‘Listed’ on the City of Toronto's Inventory of Heritage Properties.

Czechoslovak Baptist Church  link to chrch web site in Czech

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Update: CPR has track crews repairing rails today

The derailment yesterday in the Junction, has damaged track that the CPR is repairing today [link to post with derailment images and details]

Keeping Phones on the Street

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="210" caption="photo credit: angelakneale"]Phones in Espanola[/caption]

On Dec 1, a Notice of a Motion was presented by Ward 11 York-South Weston Councillor Nunziata, for Toronto City Councillors to endorse Provincial bill 118, prohibiting the use of devices with display screens and hand-held communication and entertainment devices while driving.  It's good to see the dialogue between Municipal and Provincial, especially on such a no-brainer.  Recent studies have shown that even driving while using hands-free devices is unsafe.  Think about it: someone sitting beside you can help you anticipate possible hazards, and can stop the conversation when they see you need to concentrate.  Hooray for Councillor Nunziata and feel free to pass on the news that you don't need a law to drive safely.

posted by Louis

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Irvine Tissue - seeks to demolishWeston Rd plant building

The Etobicoke York Community Council has recommended approval of  the application to demolish the buildings at 1415 Weston Road pursuant to By-law No. 3102-95 of the former City of York subject to a beautification agreement containing a beautification plan to be entered into with the City and arrangements made to the satisfaction of the City Solicitor, for registration of the agreement.

also to  to remove any existing curb cuts

also to  submit to the Executive Director Technical Services for review and acceptance, a storm water management report and grading drawing showing how stormwater within the site is to be handled.

Why because of one great old bylaw... Under the City of York Act 1994 (Bill PR147), By-law No. 3102-95 was passed designating the entire area of the former City of York as an area of demolition control. The City of York Act, 1994 provides the authority for Council in the former City of York area to enact special demolition control legislation for the purpose of securing beautification measures on the lands and abutting municipal boulevards, where appropriate, as a condition of the issuance of demolition permits. The By-law is still in force and applies.

Looking at the great condition this company keeps it's factory and site in, all this is probably right in line  with their corporate methods of running their business. It will be interesting to watch this happen throughout the process staff use  to prepare the agreement in consultation with the Ward Councillor and the owner.

1415 Weston Road – Demolition Approval full  COT Staff report [opens in new windows]

CPR Holiday Train Photo Essay

The CPR Holiday Train visited the junction area for the 1st time on Dec. 2nd 2008, Previously it had stopped at the distillery district in Toronto's south east end. With efforts made by Councillor Sandercook the CPR bought the train up to the Junction.

All images provided by Lado Soudek

Tanker cars derail on CPR Tracks in the Junction

Without going near the occurrence it appears at least four tanker cars have derailed on the CPR Track north of Mc Murray Ave and Vine Parkette. The car pictured above is directly across from the parkette. The CPR quickly had crews working to contain the small fluid leak and upright the cars. It's now 2:34 pm and they continue to work on the situation

Update 5pm CPR was running  two engines accoss the affected track, seemingly to test thier state, then the final crew members departed.  

Posted by Robert

CPR's Holiday Train recap

""Beautiful!" "Cool!"and "Brilliant!" were just some of the comments from the hundred and hundreds of spectators as the CPR's Holiday Train

rolled into the old iron yard at 87 Ethel ave last night.  This is the tenth anniversary for the spectacularly lit train which is making its way through six of our provinces.  The goal is to raise food and money, as well as awareness for local food banks.  It is important to note that all donations collected in a community remain in that community for local distribution.


There was a collective "ahhhh" as the steel side of the middle car lowered to reveal none other than Old St.Nick crooning his heart out.  Move over Brian Johnson...Santa Clause has come to town!  Holiday spirit was high as Tracey Brown, Randall Prescott as well as other very talented musicians took to the stage and rocked the yard.  Toes were tapping, people danced and sang, children bobbed on adult shoulders, councillors handed out donuts (which were generously donated by Tim Hortons).

In short, a good time was had by all!  It was the perfect way to start the holiday season.

Thank you CP Rail for spreading the good cheer.  And thank you, councillor Saundercook.  It is my understanding that you were instrumental in bringing the train to the Junction.  Hopefully word of mouth will spread about this captivating show and we'll see the crowd grow next year.

 hope that it becomes an annual event for our neighborhood. And how appropriate, given our history!!

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Monday, December 1, 2008

The Village by High Park, Site prep for foundation - photo update

Photo Microsoft Live maps

The site this past summer.

They continue to introduce I beams into the ground to provide structure for a bearing wall which will hold back the surrounding earth when they dig the ground out for the foundation. To do this they took down more of the subway wall, hopefully they will not need to take down any more.

This machine was used quite a lot at the railroad side of the lot, it will be interesting to see how it's used (if at all) on the Keele St side and the Gas station side of the lot.

for those who would like a current view of the progress.

posted by Robert

all photos taken by Lado Soudek (he is a professional photographer, that's why his photos are so much better than mine - Robert

Typing "tiebacks" into the search box on this blog will bring up all the posts within this project that have to do with the ground prep work.

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