Monday, January 30, 2012

Ethel Avenue CPR site has considerable ground works happening.



[caption id="attachment_10163" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="digger on site"][/caption]


This land that was part of the West Toronto CPR yard and last used by the railway as a place to test their Iron Highway concept. Sold late last year the site now appears to be being readied by the new owner for development.

2375 Dundas St West Development proposal - across from Dundas West subway next to the Freshco store.


2 buildings connected by 3 story building - 9 stories along Dundas St  West at the front and a 28 story building at the rear of the lot.

Dun West Developments Ltd, blog could find no further information as of yet.

Friday, January 27, 2012

3083 and 4005 Dundas Street West


3803  Dundas Street West and 4005 Dundas Street West is once again vacant are the two building to the east, in the pass all of these building follow a pattern of being tenanted or vacant at the same time. The lots back rest on the top of a hill affording wonderful views, views that would be a welcome addition for purchases of units in a multistory condominium project.

The blog wonders is the site now moving in the condo direction.



Main and Main Developments?






Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Car wash coming to west of Runnymede Rd.

Presently the site of a Gas bar at Windermere Ave and Dundas St W.  the site has now been granted a permit to build a shell only for a one storey convience store and manual car wash.



Look at the difference, people or cars

Looking at the placement of the awning - just on the edge of the sidewalk curb, and the chairs and tables under it. Placing This street furniture in this manner surly indicate pedestrians have priority over cars.

They would have to at time walk on the roadway, so it can be readily conjectured that drivers are to give way to walkers on the roadway.

If only we could have this in the retail strips of the Greater
Junction Area.


GO Transit Public Open House tonight

Public Open House

GO Transit has started the last phase of construction. Please join us to learn more of our progress and what to expect in the upcoming year:

Date: Thursday, January 26 Time: 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Location: Toronto Police Service 11 Division, 2054 Davenport Road

What we are doing

• Pipe pile validation and replacement work continues from

Cariboo Ave. to Davenport Rd.

• Sheet piles will be installed on the south side of the CP Rail

tracks at the diamond crossing.

• We are preparing for excavation by finishing the watertight

walls of the lowered corridor just north of Dupont St.

• Regular construction hours: Monday to Friday 7 a.m. to 7

p.m. and Saturdays 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

How this will affect you

• Sporadic periods of noise and vibration will occur during pile replacement.

• Sheet pile installation work creates rattling noise

• Please note that we are monitoring noise and vibration as we complete this work


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The clean clear beauty of the Ko Foods store

Now open, the Ko foods store appears to clear to view from the outside of the freshness of the fruit and veg inside.

The  approach to open display is a 1st for the Junction in a long time bringing a Bloor West Village fresh food type storefront store of clear display and openness.



The Dodge buildIng come storage place fire takedown




Friday, January 20, 2012

Above ground art supply store filling up with goods for opening Sat

The store with its original location at
74 McCaul Street is the well known address of this art supply retailer. Now the business is opening a location in the Junction Dundas St. West strip.




Thursday, January 19, 2012

MPP Cheri DiNovo to host Town Hall meeting on Daycare


Italicized text from

Daycare is an ongoing issue in Ontario, and every parent in Parkdale-High Park knows that our community is  one of the worst hit when it comes to wait times, daily costs and new daycare openings.

Did you know that daycare costs only $17/day in Manitoba?

…And only $7/day in Quebec?

Cheri will be hosting a Town Hall meeting to discuss these issues.  We ask you to join us to listen to our panelists and share your stories and opinions.

WHAT:  Daycare Town Hall
WHEN:  Thursday, Jan 26th, 7:00 – 9:00pm
WHERE:  Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton Secondary School, 1515 Bloor St. W (Dundas and Bloor)
In the staff room (follow the signs)
WHO:  Hosted by MPP Cheri DiNovo and featuring a panel of guests including:

  • Ward 13 Councillor Sarah Doucette

  • Ward 14 Councillor Gord Perks

  • Andrea Calver (Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care)

  • City of Toronto Staff.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Please take the time to read - Why Canadians Should Participate in the SOPA/PIPA Protest


Having followed the SOPA/PIPA Protest issue in the US, this blog author believes the enactment of this legislation in the US will have great affect in Canada.  yea, but don't listen to me, but please read what Micheal Geist has to say about it.

text re-posted from

Why Canadians Should Participate in the SOPA/PIPA Protest
Some of the Internet's leading websites, including Wikipedia, Reddit, Mozilla, WordPress, and BoingBoing, will go dark tomorrow  (today blog edit) to protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA). The U.S. bills have generated massive public protest over proposed provisions that could cause enormous harm to the Internet and freedom of speech. My blog will join the protest by going dark tomorrow. While there is little that Canadians can do to influence U.S. legislation, there are many reasons why I think it is important for Canadians to participate.

First, the SOPA provisions are designed to have an extra-territorial effect that manifests itself particularly strongly in Canada. As I discussed in a column last year, SOPA treats all dot-com, dot-net, and dot-org domain as domestic domain names for U.S. law purposes. Moreover, it defines "domestic Internet protocol addresses" - the numeric strings that constitute the actual address of a website or Internet connection - as "an Internet Protocol address for which the corresponding Internet Protocol allocation entity is located within a judicial district of the United States." Yet IP addresses are allocated by regional organizations, not national ones. The allocation entity located in the U.S. is called ARIN, the American Registry for Internet Numbers. Its territory includes the U.S., Canada, and 20 Caribbean nations. This bill treats all IP addresses in this region as domestic for U.S. law purposes. To put this is context, every Canadian Internet provider relies on ARIN for its block of IP addresses. In fact, ARIN even allocates the block of IP addresses used by federal and provincial governments. The U.S. bill would treat them all as domestic for U.S. law purposes.

Second, Canadian businesses and websites could easily find themselves targeted by SOPA. The bill grants the U.S. "in rem" jurisdiction over any website that does not have a domestic jurisdictional connection. For those sites, the U.S. grants jurisdiction over the property of the site and opens the door to court orders requiring Internet providers to block the site and Internet search engines to stop linking to it. Should a Canadian website owner wish to challenge the court order, U.S. law asserts itself in another way, since in order for an owner to file a challenge (described as a "counter notification"), the owner must first consent to the jurisdiction of the U.S. courts.

Third, millions of Canadians rely on the legitimate sites that are affected by the legislation. Whether creating a Wikipedia entry, posting a comment on Reddit, running a WordPress blog, participating in an open source software project, or reading a posting on BoingBoing, the lifeblood of the Internet is a direct target of SOPA. If Canadians remain silent, they may ultimately find the sites and services they rely upon silenced by this legislation.

Fourth, the U.S. intellectual property strategy has long been premised on exporting its rules to other countries, including Canada. Spain's recent anti-piracy legislation that bears similarities to SOPA is the direct result of U.S. threats of retaliation if it did not pass U.S.-backed laws. Canada has a history of similar experiences. The same forces that have lobbied for SOPA and PIPA in the United States are the primary lobbyists behind the digital lock provisions in Bill C-11 and the recent submission to the U.S. government arguing that Canada should not be admitted to the Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations until it complies with U.S. copyright demands. Moreover, the Wikileaks cables documented relentless U.S. pressure in Canada including revelations that former Industry Minister Maxime Bernier raised the possibility of leaking the copyright bill to U.S. officials before it was to be tabled it in the House of Commons, former Industry Minister Tony Clement’s director of policy Zoe Addington encouraged the U.S. to pressure Canada by elevating it on a piracy watch list, Privy Council Office official Ailish Johnson disclosed the content of ministerial mandate letters, and former RCMP national coordinator for intellectual property crime Andris Zarins advised the U.S. that the government was working on a separate intellectual property enforcement bill.

SOPA virtually guarantees that this will continue. Not only is it likely that the U.S. will begin to incorporate SOPA-like provisions into its IP demands, but SOPA makes it a matter of U.S. law to ensure that intellectual property protection is a significant component of U.S. foreign policy and grants more resources to U.S. embassies around the world to increase their involvement in foreign legal reform.

The SOPA/PIPA protest tomorrow offers people around the world the opportunity to add their voice against dangerous legislative proposals that could eventually make its way into international trade agreements and domestic lobbying pressures. For Canadians participating in the protest, consider this three step process:
If you have a website or blog, turn it dark for the day with information on SOPA, Bill C-11 and why this issue matters. If not, consider adding Stop Sopa to your Twitter or Facebook image.
Write to your Member of Parliament to register one more objection to the digital lock rules in Bill C-11. The digital lock rules are the Canadian version of SOPA - overbroad, ineffective legislation that targets technology and that is widely opposed by most stakeholders. While many are frustrated by the sense the government simply ignores these objections, the SOPA protests are attracting attention and it is important to remind Canadian politicians of the similar concerns here.
Speak out against the copyright provisions in the Trans Pacific Partnership, particularly the plans for copyright term extension and the digital lock rules. The government consultation is open until February 14, 2012. All it takes a single email with your name, address, and comments on the issue. The email can be sent to Alternatively, submissions can be sent by fax (613-944-3489) or mail (Trade Negotiations Consultations (TPP), Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, Trade Policy and Negotiations Division II (TPW), Lester B. Pearson Building, 125 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0G2).

Orginal post ...LINK

Budget issues affecting the Greater Junction Area by Toronto Council Jan 17 2012








Storage facility gutted by fire last week was the Junction Dodge Plant


Reposted from thanks to commentor Joyce for commenting the link.

Additional images of the building and area are at the 


A storage facility at Osler and Pelham in Toronto went up in flames on January 9th, 2012 and continued to burn for two days. This was not the first time in recent history that the building's structure had been challenged. In 2006, the building was hit by a grain train when it derailed from the neighbouring railway tracks. Here are some photos from John (aka Krunkwerke) of the aftermath of that derailment:

While the building is currently one of many storage facilities in the neighbourhood, the building and the site are historically significant to the Junction area. Here is a photo from 1948 of the building, from the Toronto Archives :


[caption id="attachment_10063" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption=""][/caption]




[caption id="attachment_10064" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="Click on image to visit site"][/caption]



The name is ko foods in the Junction is related to the Roncesvalles store updated Jan 20 2012 5:06pm

Update from comment post by

C. thanks.

The owner is Clark , who successfully built up and operated the Ko on Roncesvalles for years before the business passed on to his brother. It’s great to have him in the area.



And a food store on the east side of Keele St. On Dundas st west  is great.

The area east of Keele street has been devoid of food store for decades.

Just wonderful.


Storage facility fire demolition occurring today

The Storage building fire in the Junction triangle area still has fire service vehicles and fire hoses running to it, as the demo of the building begins today.




20120117-151510.jpgThis is your post template. Shouldn't you add a little more?

High Park Residents' Association next meeting Feb. 9 at Coffee & All That Jazz, 72 Howard Park Ave


Monday, January 16, 2012

Toronto GJA Councillors: Office Expense Reporting 2010 to 2011..oh the changes


During 2011 new councillors aimed and accomplished the reduction of their office budgets of their old counter parts, while returning councillors greatly reduced their spending. Is this all  simply political thrift, that has come about by the seeming dissatisfaction with the politicos running the city, or do the people really want their elected people saving ten to twenty thousand dollars of their office budget.

Considering that these budgets are used by the councillor to service their electors. Is there simply grater loss than the saving of the funds.


below the blog has captured the 2010 and 2011 spending amounts of the area councillors.


Descriptive text from City web site...

Each Councillor has an office expense budget to pay for expenses that are allowable under the Councillor Expense Policy. City Council, at its meeting of April 15, 2010, approved a 5% reduction in the office expense budget for each Councillor. The annual budget of $53,100 has been reduced to $50,445. As 2010 is an election year, Councillors are allocated 11/12ths of the approved office expense budget until the end of the Council term, November 30, 2010, therefore each Councillor has an office expense budget of $46,241.25. The remaining 1/12th of the budget is allocated to December for returning Councillors. New Councillors also receive 1/12th of the allocation, $4,203.75 for the month.The Mayor has an annual operating budget approved by Council. Expenses disclosed relate to non-salary expenditures from this budget.



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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Bloor/Oakmount Block condo project, local Councillor Sarah Doucette reverses her decision

What letting your councillor know yours views  can do.

Full article at

all text below from article

More community consultation for controversial High Park Condo

Standing room only community council meeting degenerates into shouting match

A highly contested High Park condo proposal likened by one west-end councillor to "putting a gorilla in a fishbowl" was referred back for more community consultation this week after a two-and-a-half hour meeting disintegrated into a shouting match.

The controversial development application - which proposes a 14-storey, 378-residential-unit, mixed-use building directly across from High Park on Bloor Street West - drew the ire of a standing-room-only crowd at Etobicoke York Community Council (EYCC) Tuesday night.

After an hour of similar deputations and visibly taken off guard by the long grocery list of complaints presented by her constituents, local Councillor Sarah Doucette admitted to having a change of heart - reversing her decision to approve the development in favour of seeking more time for consultation between the developer and the community.




Drama and the mini-universe of a neighborhood.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Imagining Toronto’s better future Tuesday, February 7 at 7PM at the Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre






Join the Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre
and Small Wooden Shoe in
Imagining Toronto’s better future.

What kind of city would you want to live in, if we could make a city from scratch?

Upper Toronto starts with a terrible idea. We want to build a new city in the sky above the current Toronto.

It’s a terrible idea that allows us to ask what would happen if, knowing what we now know, we could start fresh.

We are meeting with people from all across Toronto to ask them about the city that they live in now. What do you love about it? What do you hate about it? What would you change?

Spend an evening with other people from your community and help us dream of a better city for everyone.

Tuesday, February 7 at 7PM at the
Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre
1499 Queen Street West
Free (with snacks)

Expect a quick introduction to the ideas that drive Upper Toronto. Expect guided brainstorming and playful design work. Expect time to think about city planning with a freedom and depth rarely permitted to even the experts. Expect to laugh. Expect to examine your own ideas about what’s most important in city life.
By opening this process to people across Toronto we hope to learn about your civic dreams and imaginations while giving you an experience of civic engagement and the challenges of planning.

Small Wooden Shoe is an award winning arts company that uses current and effective consultation practices, mixed with our own innovative and idiosyncratic performance style. We bring experience with conferences, unconferences, keynote presentations, debating workshops, online collaboration, and 10 years of events in which groups come together to make the world a more interesting and engaged place. We are bent on proving that good ideas are entertaining and that pleasure and thinking require each other.


Michael Burtt
Artistic Director
Making Room

Tuesday January 31 at 7 pm at Fern Avenue Public School, the Roncesvalles Macdonell Residents

On Tuesday January 31 at 7 pm at Fern Avenue Public School, the Roncesvalles Macdonell Residents Association will be hosting one of our regular monthly meetings.  Metrolinx will be our guest at this meeting to discuss upcoming work on the Georgetown expansion and I have also asked them to discuss plans for the Dundas-Bloor transit hub.


Recent Activities and Accomplishments

Leading the campaign to have a new Community Recreation Centre built adjacent to Sorauren Park on Wabash Avenue. Site remediation is underway and plans are being formulated for its development. For more information and regular updates, go to;

Spearheading the Western Toronto RailPath initiative to convert old railway lines into a green belt "for pedestrians and cyclists" running through our neighbourhood and into the downtown core of the city;

Community input into the traffic and parking issues through a neighbourhood committee struck to assess and make recommendations;

Participation in the Parkdale Conflict Resolution Process and the Parkdale Housing Committee addressing the issues of affordable housing, illegal bachelorettes, and rooming houses. The RMRA is also linked to the Parkdale Community Watch;

Tracking proposals for residential and commercial developments through the planning department and makes representation or calls for community meetings when necessary;

Led the development of an Area Residents' Association (ARA) where residents‚ associations in Ward 14 meet to exchange developments and co-ordinate activities;


Sharing and consumption great British idea a site for both

link to site


House flippers and multi tenant landlords please leave the Junction.

The Junction in the news has not been so faltering lately, with the ongoing and seemingly endless episodes of the father and son harassment series, which must be leaving some reality TV exec, thinking show. (we do have one living in the Junction)

Add to this the article this past weekend in The Toronto Star about the house flipping ring of a lawyer and associates, we just are not looking good.

Throw in the cities I'll will to stop people from converting the houses to illegal multi unit apartments , and simply raise the taxes on the properties rather than enforce second suite law.

This does little to make the community more livable.

Images and link about the house flippers - Link to Star Article



Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Held and adopted by councilor today Official Plan, for the lands at 1844-1854 Bloor Street West; 35-37 Pacific Avenue; and, 6-14 and part of 18 and 18a Oakmount Road

and adopted  

Recommendations held today
The City Planning Division recommends that:


1. City Council amend the Official Plan, for the lands at 1844-1854 Bloor Street West; 35-37 Pacific Avenue; and, 6-14 and part of 18 and 18a Oakmount Road substantially in accordance with the draft Official Plan Amendment attached as Attachment 6 – Draft Official Plan Amendment to the report dated December 16, 2011.

2. City Council amend Zoning By-law 438-86, for the lands at 1844-1854 Bloor Street West; 35-37 Pacific Avenue; and, 6-14 and part of 18 and 18A Oakmount Road substantially in accordance with the draft Zoning By-law Amendment attached as Attachment 7 to the report dated December 16, 2011.

3. City Council authorize the City Solicitor to make such stylistic and technical changes to the draft Official Plan Amendment and draft Zoning By-law Amendment as may be required.

4. Before introducing the necessary Bills to City Council for enactment, City Council require the owner to enter into an Agreement pursuant to Section 37 of the Planning Act satisfactory to the Chief Planner and Executive Director, City Planning Division, and the City Solicitor, such agreement to be registered on title to the lands at 1844-1854 Bloor Street West; 35-37 Pacific Avenue; and, 6-14 and part of 18 and 18a Oakmount Road, in a manner satisfactory to the City Solicitor to secure the following matters at the owner's expense

and adopted

New York Pork site on St. Clair W. fence removed and dumping starts.

Now that building has gone, that once housed for decades swine processing uses, and the the site leveled, abet with the debris, what's to happen?



Car Yard?

Toyota Dealership expansion?

Gas station?

Fast food,

To the blog a mid size condo would add the addition residents needed to pedestrianize this area.

Retail seems the most likely as it is very close to the mega mall just up the street and could attract retail looking for autonomous location such as a garden centre, or possibly a fast food location or two.

Soon please before it's full of garbage.



John's electronic repair shop gone

John's Tv Svc at 3178 Dundas St W. has closed. Guessing this one is all about retirement.

His store will be missed



Anyone for a weekend guerrilla park project for Vine Ave Parkette this spring?

Anyone for a weekend build it use family guerrilla park project this spring in Vine Ave Parkette.

Two days of building and playing with unique parent child interactive play stuff.

Here a great example of a parent child seasAw that can be built half day.

materials, tools, food, fun play parents and kids making, playing together, and of course everyone else letting out their inner kid.

Real question this is.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Junction Residents Association survey shows people interested in basic improvement projects

Why not use two mins well and click on the above image and go over to their site and vote, the more people who vote will help  direct their efforts. Remember the local Councillor relies heavy on the opinions of this resident association.


Next JRA community meeting will be held on Thursday, January 12, from 7 to  9 p.m.

This meeting will be held in the Community Room of the new 11 Division Police Station at 2054 Davenport Road. site is sat here right now while changes are made to the normal host This was done on May 28th 2019 This update post will...