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Toronto Through the Eyes of Women Artists | Market Gallery now on

Toronto Through the Eyes of Women Artists | Market Gallery

The City of Toronto Art Collection contains nearly 3000 works collected by the City between the 1850s and today. Of the roughly 900 artists represented, a little more than a quarter are women. The gallery has never produced an exhibit focusing exclusively on their work until now. Featuring works by Canadian artists such as Marion Long, Paraskeva Clark and Doris McCarthy, the exhibition highlights how women artists have depicted and engaged with Toronto over the past 160 years


Entry costs are as below.

Parkdale residents Association seeks to be in the Toronto andEast York Community Council rather than the Etobicoke York CommunityCouncil, in new city government.

Date: November 15, 2018 8:57:46 AM

Dear City Clerk,

As a representative of a local community residents association in the

new Ward 4, we request that Ward 4 be incorporated in to the Toronto and

East York Community Council rather than the Etobicoke York Community


Secretary, Parkdale Residents Association

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Shacklands Brewery, history of no booze in the Junction, it stated much earlier than you think, here’s a bit of the story to start you off.


Event has already happened


Prominent among such issues was the relationship between tavern keepers and City Council. "As citizens of Toronto it is humiliating to confess that we are ruled by the whiskey ring," wrote "An Elector" in The Evening Telegram38 For Elector it was obvious that some members of Council, including the Mayor, were actively helping the Anti-Dunkin Associa-tion, the organization arrayed against the prohibitionists. Claims that a "whiskey ring" controlled council had been circulai ing for at least a decade, and were now renewed as an argument in favour of the Dunkin Act. To judge from the leanings of the newspapers (the Tory Mail and Leader alone were opposed to the Act)' and the "whiskey ring" claims, the Dun-kin Act campaign was an assault not only on the liquor trade, but also on Toronto's Tory machine.40 For example, the outspoken alderman John Hallam went so far as to assert that He had been one of those who had voted against the reduction of the liquor licenses, by which the city lost $14,000. He would say, although he was sure he would be called in ques-tion for it, that the sum had been voted away by a ring in that Council, simply with a view of perpetuating the liquor traffic. Author, M. P. Sendbuehler 1993

The Junction homeless shelter will be the largest of the 3 the city is opening in 2019

69 Junction shelter beds, 22 more beds than in  shelter 2 and 39 more beds than in shelter 3.

tonight, Canadian Holiday Train Nov 29 in the Junction.

Tonight 6pm 2013 Canadian Pacific Railway Holiday Train, Nov 29th 8:15 pm 750 Runnymede Rd., in front of CP Lambton yard office, map image, click the read more link.



Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Biking and cycling professional advise sought by City of Toronto in request for services out now.

The scope of work for the Professional Services includes consulting assignments related to the City's Transportation Services Division. Projects may be at various stages of development; some will have already had substantial investigation and design work completed while others will have only been identified at a conceptual level. For some projects the Vendors may be involved from project initiation to implementation; and for others the Vendors may provide assistance for one or more tasks of the overall bikeway project. The following list provides Respondents with a general understanding of the potential assignments to assist City staff delivering cycling infrastructure projects.

December 12, 2018 Bid closing date

a) Undertaking investigation, analysis and conceptual, preliminary and/or final design for on-street and off-street bikeway projects;

b) Preparation of tender drawings, contract documents and specifications required for issuing the tender package for bikeway construction projects;

c) Contract Administration for bikeway construction projects;

d) Leading and assisting community and stakeholder consultation;

e) Pre- and Post-Evaluation of bikeway projects, including undertaking user counts and surveys, photographs (including drone photography) analyzing transportation data to determine impacts and potential modifications, and documenting lessons learned;

f) Planning, design, implementation and evaluation of bicycle parking facilities;

g) Investigation and assessment of existing conditions of bikeway infrastructure to determine required improvements and priority rating, as part of the annual state of good repair program;

h) Peer review of bikeway design concepts and design solutions prepared by others, within the context of the “state of the art” emerging trends in bikeway design, and best practices from other jurisdictions;

i) Leading staff or stakeholder development and/or training workshops;

j) Research and preparation of reports and on cycling policies, guidelines, programs and strategies.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Moshe Safdie’s personal unit at Habitat 67, Restored

Safdie Architects has officially completed a two-year-long restoration of Moshe Safdie’s personal unit at Habitat 67, a landmark apartment complex designed by a young Safdie himself for Montreal. The project was done in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the seminal structure.

Safdie’s light-filled duplex unit is located on the 10th floor of the 238,500-square-foot brutalist building and overlooks the Saint Lawrence River and downtown Montreal. The careful restoration of the prefabricated piece of architecture has been a serious undertaking. Safdie Architects worked to bring the entire facility into the 21st century by upgrading its technical systems to modern sustainability and energy conservation standards. They also stripped the exterior concrete walls that showed severe signs of decades-long water damage in order to repair, insulate, and waterproof the envelope from the harsh Canadian winters.

Runnymede Homeless shelter clothing lockers ordered by city, to be delivered by mid-February 2019

Ordered 69 Single Clothing Wardrobes for the City of Toronto's Shelter at 731 Runnymede Road, in the size  24W x 72H x 24D.

Vendor must guarantee delivery of the Deliverables specified in this Request for Quotations by mid-February 2019




Baby Point Gates BIA Has bid offer to construct “The Terrace:Windermere & Annette”



Bidders are invited to provide quotations for the provision of all labour, materials and equipment necessary for the supply, manufacture, delivery, assembly and installation of all elements required to construct The Terrace: Windermere & Annette Parkette in the Baby Point Gates Business Improvement Area within the City of Toronto, ( miscellaneous tax predicted )


Closing date for all bids for the work :December 12, 2018
at 12:00 Noon

All the equipment submitted with this quotation shall comply with Ontario Building Code and CSA standards, where applicable. It is the manufacturer/supplier's responsibility to confirm that the structural design and installation complies with the most current building code/CSA standards.


5) The Contractor will be responsible for providing all the necessary resources to carry out, but not limited to, the following activities related to this project:

a) protection of building, existing adjacent site elements; b) removals, demolition & excavation; c) installation of new curbs and sidewalk; d) installation of concrete pavement; e) installation of precast concrete unit paving; f) installation of custom laser cut weathering steel bike racks (not in scope / by other); g) installation of custom steel and wood benches; h) perennial, shrub and tree plantings; and i) others as described in the drawings & specifications

Type Books Junction Grand Opening! Saturday, Dec 1 at 10 AM - 6 PM 5 2887 Dundas Street w,

Type Books Junction Grand Opening! Saturday, Dec 1 at 10 AM - 6 PM 5 2887 Dundas Street w,

Why does the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan invest in major Chicago roads and not roads in Toronto.


Photo, Chicago Skyway Bridge being repaired by Beier Engineering.

The Skyway sure looks like the Gardiner Expressway, why these pensions, and the city cannot structure a public private partnership needs to be questions, after all Hospitials in the province have been built with  public private partnerships.

The Chicago Skyway  operated by the group SCC has been owned by a consortium of Canadian pension funds (Borealis Infrastructure, Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan, and CPP Investment Board) since February 2016.[22]

Monday, November 26, 2018

Toronto Firefighters use a Pompier Ladder, a incredibly dangerous rescue ladder.

As buildings were built in greater height, the ladder became a necessary tool for window rescues and scaling above the reach of ground ladders.  The ladder, shaped like a question mark, is driven hook first into the window above the firefighter.  The hook is pulled into the sill.  Then the firefighter climbs to the window, straddles the sill, raises the ladder to the next floor and repeats the process until he reaches his destination. 1924

Old Sweet Potato being converted to a restaurant with more than 30 seats.

2995 Dundas St West, most recently sweet potato grocery store and prior to that the high value discount store is becoming a restaurant. Work has been ongoing from mid July of 2018.

George Stephenson's plans for the world's first locomotive-driven passenger railway found!

John Page discovered the notebook by chance while looking for another document in the archive's deeds room in April this year. It includes Stephenson's redesign and buddet for the Stockton and Darlington Railway, nhich opened in 1825, encl was signed by G Stephenson at Killingworth Colliery on 18 January 1822. The notebook, which shows Stephenson's survey of George Overton's original plans for the line and recommendations, has now none on rlisnlm at the National Railway Museum in York. John Page said: "Because it is a historical document it would never have been loaned out or requested as it didn't impact the running of the railway, so, since the 1950s, it has sat on a shelf unnoticed amongst hundreds of other packets. "| was looking for a deed for one of our internal colleagues and, purely out of curiosity, decided to look through the packets, and there it was, and what a thrill it was to find." Sir Peter Hendy CBE, chair of Network Rail, added: "George Stephenson's original survey of the Stockton and Darlington Railway ushered in the railway age, not only in Britain, but around the world. Network Rail is delighted and proud to have found this astonishing artefact, and very pleased to have it displayed by our friends at the National Railway Museum."• text from, Rail Engineer 169 2018

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Friday, November 23, 2018

Image from the Deer Class at Toronto’s Native Centre Today, image show hung deer

Image from the Deer Class at Toronto’s Native Centre Today, image shows hung deer. About 200 people were present for the class on preparing a deer for the multiple uses one can be used for.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Canada’s Grand Cannabis Experiment Has Set Scientists Free Says, nytimes



Summary of article full article here

As the first G-7 nation to slacken cannabis laws, Canada has bolted to the front lines of the plant’s methodical scrutiny and investigation. Research multiplied again in 2014, when commercial growers got clearance to supply mail-order medical marijuana to Canadian patients, commodification that simultaneously energized corporate interests.

Canada’s brand-new legislation, the Cannabis Act, replaces a restrictive system that treated researchers like would-be drug dealers. It’s funding 14 new studies and has set aside millions more for research grants that could ask questions like, Will a pregnant mother using cannabis harm her baby’s development? The country has become “the de facto source of research-grade cannabis around the world,” contends Philippe Lucas, who is the head of research for the Canadian producer Tilray, which has completed exports to 10 countries.

Canada’s grand experiment has already been a catalyst for smarter science in the United States, where its federal prohibition has choked research. Although 33 states have relaxed their marijuana laws, only one facility in Mississippi is federally licensed to supply dried cannabis, and its product is often derided by researchers as lackluster.

Enter Tilray, which, in a rare first this September, was approved by the Drug Enforcement Administration to supply cannabis extract from Canada to a California neurologist who’s developing a treatment for tremors in the elderly. The metrics could enable jurisdictions worldwide to devise policy reforms and public health programs that minimize legalization’s potentially negative impacts.

The scholarship on cannabis will finally advance now that a developed, Western society has welcomed back an ancient drug plant, says Jonathan Page, a Vancouver-based plant biologist and a leader of the cannabis genome project. Therapeutic marijuana application dates back thousands of years, according to archaeological and historical records

29th Annual Mistletoe Magic, John B. Aird Gallery, Dec 13th

29th Annual Mistletoe Magic

A holiday art fundraiser

On View: December 6 – 13, 2018

Gala Fundraising Night: Thursday, December 13, 6 - 9 p.m.

The John B. Aird Gallery is pleased to announce the details of its annual fundraising gala Mistletoe Magic, which will take place on Thursday, December 13, from 6 - 9 p.m.

This highly anticipated event brings together over 150 works of art from more than 100 contemporary artists across the province.


The John B. Aird Gallery is delighted to present its 29th edition of Mistletoe Magic, a silent art auction fundraiser. This popular event raises much needed funds for the Aird Gallery’s year-round programming (12-13 exhibitions per year) and to increase the visibility of the gallery, the participating artists and organizations, while remaining free of charge to the public.

This highly anticipated event brings together over 150 works of art from more than 100 contemporary artists across the province. In addition, the gallery is delighted to feature three renowned artist at this year’s fundraiser: Tony Vander Voet, OSA (posthumous), Andrew Harwood and Chris Ironside.

Leading up to the December 13 event, visitors will have a week, beginning Thursday, December 6, to visit the gallery to preview and even place an advanced bid for this year’s outstanding collection of affordable Canadian art.

Poignantly, Mistletoe Magic 2018 will mark the final edition of this popular annual silent art auction before the Aird vacates its space as part of the upcoming Macdonald Block reconstruction project.  Critically, the funds raised will support the Aird’s search for a new home over the next several years.


The Gala Fundraising night is open and free to all, from 6 - 9 p.m. on Thursday December 13, where the final frenzy of bidding will take place! The winning bidders will be able to take home their outstanding artworks at the end of the evening. The event includes lots of nibbles and a cash bar.


TONY VANDER VOET (posthumous) was an artist, scientist, teacher, leader, public servant (Ontario), world traveler and photographer. He embraced his life and adventure. Born in Holland and immigrated to Canada with his family when he was five years old, Tony was always drawn to the arts. He was primarily a self-taught artist and studied drawing, painting and printmaking with a number of renowned Canadian artists at both the Haliburton School of the Arts and at the Toronto School of Art. His works can be found in the Government of Ontario Collection and private collections in Canada, Germany, Chile and Mexico. Tony applied his organizational abilities to several arts organizations as President, Colour and Form Society and Ontario Society of Artists; Treasurer, John B. Aird Gallery and board of Pastel Artist of Canada and Headwaters Arts. His work "Inspired by the Glacier" won first prize, International Juried Online Exhibition, Society of Canadian Artists, just before his death. He passed away on April 22, 2018.

ANDREW HARWOOD is a Toronto-based artist who works in a variety of media, currently painting. His most recent solo exhibition, "While I Was Away" 2017, at No Foundation, Toronto concentrated on the relationships between interior design, nature and painting. Harwood has had exhibitions in Miami, Los Angles, The Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art, Toronto and the Tom Thomson Memorial Gallery, Owen Sound. His works are in the collections of the TD Bank, Bank of Montreal, University of Guelph, Queen's University, University of Manitoba, Centennial College, Sheridan College, The Gay and Lesbian Museum of Art, New York and in private collections in Canada, The United States and Europe. He opened one of the first galleries, Zsa Zsa, in what is now called the West Queen West Art and Design District in Toronto. He is a co-founding member of the Toronto Alternative Art Fair International, 2004 – _06, co-organizing and co-curating exhibitions, lectures and special music events for TAAFI held at the Drake and Gladstone Hotels. He was the former President, BOD A Space Gallery and Treasurer, BOD member Gallery TPW.

CHRIS IRONSIDE received his MFA from York University and BA from the University of Guelph. His drawings and photographs have been exhibited throughout North America. His work has been featured in the Globe and Mail, C Magazine and Headmaster Magazine, and exhibited at Daniel Faria Gallery, the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives and the Gladstone Hotel (Toronto), Four-Eleven Gallery (Provincetown) and with ClampArt at the Art on Paper Fair (New York). His recent body of work, “Loving For the Fame”, was exhibited at Angell Gallery this past October and he will have his first solo public gallery exhibition in the fall of 2019 at the Art Gallery of Peterborough. He has formerly taught in the School of Fine Art and Music at The University of Guelph and currently teaches in the Faculty of Fine Arts at York University.


Our Mission: The Aird is a generous, safe contemporary art exhibition space where visual culture can be shared and explored by an audience as diverse as its makers.

The John B. Aird Gallery opened in 1985. It was named in honour of the 23rd Lieutenant Governor of Ontario to recognize his support for the visual arts in the province and in Canada. Governed by a board Directors, the Gallery’s mandate is to create awareness and promote the enjoyment of works of art by professional contemporary artists.

The Aird is one of the few remaining public art galleries in Toronto. Operating for over 30 years as a non-profit and registered charity, we connect people to ideas – where contemporary art is presented, discussed and enjoyed. We are a space where visual culture is shared to inspire, where communities connect with each other, and where artists are supported throughout their career lifespan.


John B. Aird Gallery | Galerie John B. Aird

900 Bay Street, The Macdonald Block, TO, ON, M7A 1C2

A Canadian Registered Charity: 85850 5191 RR000

Monday, November 19, 2018


Waterfront for All is holding it's first Annual General Meeting (AGM) and is open to all.

Special guest speakers from Waterfront Toronto - Meg Davis (Development Officer) REALIZING THE WATERFRONTS' POTENTIAL ⬛️and Chris Glaisek (Planning & Design) SEEING THE FUTURE FROM THE SHORE.    ⬛️RSVP Suzanne Kavanagh

Date: Wednesday, Nov. 21st, 2018

Time: 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Place: 80 Cooperage St. (George Brown Residence - Luce & Thornton Blackburn Conference Centre)

Friday, November 16, 2018

Waterfront for All, a major citizen org working to better the Ontario water front across Toronto has NO High Park or Junction member groups

The Member organizations, running  across the city from the Humber area to the Far East f the city, with a big hole of missing Junction and High Park community groups in ward 4, old Ward 13.

Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Association Broad Reach Foundation for Youth Leaders Citizens for a Healthy Toronto Waterfront Citizens for the Old Town CityPlace Residents Association CodeBlueTO CommunityAIR Corktown Residents and Business Association Federation of North Toronto Residents' Associations Friends of the Spit Gooderham Worts Neighbourhood Association Greater Waterfront Coalition Harbourfront Community Association Harbourfront Canoe and Kayak Centre Lakeshore Planning Council Corp. NoJetsTO Pembina Institute Transportation and Urban Solutions Team St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association Terry Fox Legacy Project Team Toronto Boaters Alliance Toronto Island Community Association Toronto Acorn Toronto East York Community Preservation Panel Toronto Water Taxi Association Wellington Place Neighbourhood Association West Don Lands Committee West End Beaches Stakeholders Association West Side Community Council* York Quay Neighbourhood Association.

Although the West Side Community Council is on board, Parkdale Residents Association, Roncesvalles-Macdonell Residents Associatio, Active 18, Liberty Village Residents' Associatio,Beaconsfield Village Residents AssociatioN, Ossington Community AssociatioN,Trinity Bellwoods Community Association


after the read more info on the org.


Who The org Is,

Toronto’s waterfront is more than our city’s edge along Lake Ontario – it’s a destination and second neighbourhood for every Torontonian to enjoy.

That’s why more than 30 organizations have come together to form Waterfront for All – as a new citizens group dedicated to preserving and enhancing the entire Toronto waterfront as a unique natural and cultural resources for all of us to enjoy.

We acknowledge that our waterfront is situated in the traditional territories of the Huron-Wendat, Anishinabek Nation, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, and the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation.

Over 25 years ago, the Crombie Commission set out nine principles for Toronto's waterfront revitalization. They are as valid as ever. Our waterfront should be:

  • Clean

  • Green

  • Useable

  • Diverse

  • Open

  • Accessible

  • Connected

  • Affordable

  • Attractive

Waterfront renewal has come a long way, but it’s far from complete. Progress on the waterfront needs to be celebrated and supported by citizens, otherwise it may lose momentum or die altogether.

From Etobicoke to Scarborough, we invite citizens and groups from across Toronto to work together to keep the revitalization and beautification of our waterfront moving forward.

Waterfront for All strives to represent citizens and groups from across Toronto – and we want you to join on this exciting journey.



Member organizations:

Key Documents:



Economist , Reuters; State Toronto housing is overvalued by 49 % in relation to income

Upcoming Yonge-Dundas Square events. Nov 17 and Nov 24

Illuminite – Saturday, November 17th 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Illuminite features live music from the Devin Cuddy Band, a stunning tree-lighting performance by TDC Entertainment – known throughout the industry for their thrilling dance productions – and Toronto crooner Ori Dagan leading the crowd in a holiday sing-along. #Illuminite18

 Kidzfest – Saturday, November 24th 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. A day of fun for all ages, Kidzfest features letter writing to Santa; stage performances of science and music; arts and crafts from Power Kids; plus science and technology activities with Pueblo Science and MakerKids. Other highlights include face painting, bouncy castles, sweet maple syrup and other treats, and hanging out with hosts from TVO Kids and characters from PJ Masks.

Both events are free of charge.  #Kidzfest18



How Canada’s 1st major cartoonist Portrayed Canada in 1873


[st_icon name='sun-o' size='icon-6' color='#d95e11' type='normal' background='' border_color='' align='ss-left' icon_spin='yes']

The first number of Grip appeared in May 24th, 1873, a magazine published by a very young J. IV BENGOUGH, which endeavoured to publish political cartoons drawn by the publisher himself. Mr BENGOUGH for the 1st. cartoon of The Grip pictured Canada as a woman drawn as above. The cartoons characterization of Canada it’s quite confusing and today’s age.

After the read more a statement by the cartoonish about a  anthology of his comics.


Here, O Public! here they are! You have been clamoring in the most impor-

tunate and flattering fashion for a re-issue of the Cartoons of Grip, and out

of pure good humour, I have gone to work and re-drawn them for you, be-

cause, you must know, these destiny-shaping pictures were not originally engraved

upon wood, but were produced by lithography, and in due time each was utterly

erased from the stone to make way for bill-heads and cigar labels. This has been

no light task, but of course my good will towards men, together with the

anticipation of being an author and writing an “ introduction,” made it a labour

of love. Now, the fact of the public request aforesaid will spare me the usual

editorial humiliation of an introductory apology ; and I need say nothing here

about the subject matter of the sketches, as I have written an explanatory note

(comprehensive and lucid enough I hope) opposite to each, and, therefore,myprefatory

remarks are complete—with,by the way, a word to the Critics. Dear Critics, I defy you

to do your worst. This work, as you know in your heart of hearts, is above criticism.

There are no errata to be found in the text, and no false perspective or other defects in

the drawings. If you hit upon anything that may persuade you to the contrary pray

don't write it. Come and see me personally at No. 2 Toronto Street, where I have

hung my basket, and every Saturday croak “ Never Say Die ” to an ever increasing

circle of patrons. But what an ungrateful rook I am to be sure, thus impudently

chattering to those who have shown me nothing but generosity during my career,

and to be thus boring the generous Canadian Public who have, with unexampled

goodness, bestowed their favours on Their humble Raven,

The definition of a kilogram gets changed today.

on November 16th representatives from nearly 60 nations will be meeting in versailles france to vote to change the definition of a kilogram and the fundamental unit of temperature the kelvin, all SI units will be based on fundamental constants of nature and not physical artifacts.

the kilogram is the last base SI unit to be defined by a physical object since 1799 one kilogram has been defined as exactly the mass of a single metal cylinder stored in Paris it was swapped out once in 1889.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Kindness where Canada falls amoung 146 countries

The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) polled people from across 146 countries to find out if they had helped a stranger, donated money to charity or volunteered for an organisation in the previous month

Canadian Holiday Train Nov 29 in the Junction.

750 Runnymede Road, in  front of CP  Yard office

Nov 29th 2018 8:15 PM

9:00 Terri Clark, Sierra NoblE and Kelly Prescott

At Shacklands Brewing, history of prohibition in the Junction, Nov 29th.

Unit 101, 100 Symes Road, St Clair W. to Gunn’s Rd North, 1st left takes right next straight to Symes Rd. Shacklands Brewing, history of prohibition in the Junction, Nov 29th.

Ash pit Mechanism, at the C.P.R. West Toronto Roundhouse. 1911 Article 3 min read

Ash pit Mechanism, at the C.P.R. West Toronto Roundhouse. 1911

An ashpit for accommodating the ashes removed from a locomotive after it has been taken off a run can be made a very simple arrangement, all that is necessary being a pit into which the ashes may be scoooed from the locomotive: the particular difficulty lies in the manner of disposal of all these accumulate ashes. Nearly all roads have different arrangements, and even the same road at its various roundhouses has probably a different arrangement at each, the designs being generally devised by the local authorities.

In the majority of cases very satisfactory arrangements are worked out. The arrangement in use at the C.P.R. West Toronto roundhouse is a particularly simple and good design for the rapid handling of ashes where a too expensive equipment, such as deeply submerged cinder-car tracks beside the ash emptying track, is not desired.

Two ash-removing tracks are provided. The locomotive in the operation of removing ashes being on the track. In the immediate foreground there are three depressed narrow-gauge tracks, in a pit, the central one running to the further ash-removing track. Under the nearer ash-removing tracK, this central cross-track space is covered, as a protection against clogging up with ashes. On these narrow-gauge cross tracks are three little ash trucks, which, when filled, are run out from under the locomotive, where they may be picked up by the radial crane and swung up over the cinder car to the right, and tripped. Like most improvised mechanisms around railway repair shops and roundhouses, the radial crane is operated by compressed air acting through a cylinder vertically attached to the frame of the crane as indicated.

A plunger moving vertically in the guides provided, draws the steel rope over the several sheaves raising the bucket to a position where it may be swung around and dumped. The pit is constructed of concrete throughout, all the locomotive rails being supported on the concrete walls, with the exception of the inner rail which is supported on I-beam sections, the rail being brared (?) by an inverted rail to which it is rivetted. There are four main tracks lending to the roundhouse, so that in order to provide each track with means for removing ashes, the arrangement shown is duplicated on the far side.

Tonight, Speaker's Night: Samuel de Champlain and Fur Trade in Ontario.

Speaker's Night: Samuel de Champlain and Fur Trade in Ontario.

Public · Event · by Etobicoke Historical Society

Thursday, November 15, 2018 at 7:30 PM

Etobicoke Historical Society 4709 Dundas Street West, 

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

3,100 railcars leave Canadian ownership to USA railcar behemoth GATX, many have seen these companies cars pass though the Junction.

ECN Capital Corporation A Canadian firm, is selling for a purchase price up to $229 million rail cars GATX Corporation.  GATZ holds a huge number of bulk carrier rail cars, the round tube shaped typically black rail cars you see in the Junction yards or passing though. These cars can carry a huge variety of goods from crude oil to Vegetable oil.

Equipment Types of these cars could be  General Service,HighPressure,Acid & Specialty, Alloy,Electrically-Heated,Multi-Compartment, Tank Train




Monday, November 12, 2018

Lacquer Bake Oven at Canadian Pacific Railway West Toronto Car Shops.

Lacquer Bake Oven at Canadian Pacific

Railway West Toronto Car Shops.

In the passenger car department of the C.P.R. West Toronto Shops, H. R. Naylor, General Foreman, it was necessary recently to build a new lacquer bake oven. As it

was required to have the oven of such size as to be able to accommodate all sizes of work, the problem was how to build it to handle all classes of work economically, especially when the major portion of the work is small stuff, requiring small oven space. Consideration had to be given to the best si?e that would handle all classes of work. The largest piece that will require to be handled is the long parcel rack over the car seat. These form a very small portion of the total work to be handled. The oven shown in the accompanying illustration 13 the solution of the problem. On the right is the main oven, lined with galvanized iron, and heated with steam coils in the bottom. The work to he baked is carried on shelves made of smoke box netting. The door is of the vertically sliding type, coun-terbalanced by weights. For the general run of articles, this small, almost square, oven meets all requirements. To have made it long enough to hold the racks men-tioned would have given a greater length than that normally required. To accommo-date these long racks, a vertical oven sec-tion was built on the left end of the oven as shown, with a swing door in front. This section has no heating coil, but between the main oven and this part there are two sliding doors, which are removed when the long oven is required. This gives a com-bined oven capable of holding all class'19 of work, and, at the same time requires very little room.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Canadian Pacific Railway West Toronto honors list for world war 1, some names of those who served.

The Canadian Pacific Railway kept a detailed honors list of all their employees who were injured or killed during the Great War (1914-18) Canadians made a large contribution to the Victory of the Allied forces of which they can be justly proud.

The Canadian Pacific Railway Honor Roll 1913,
there were more people listed but the publication was readable in many areas.

Cregg, Joseph Tinsmith West Toronto Wounded

Harrison, Robt. H. Trimmer West Toronto Wounded

Douse Edwin T. Clerk West Toronto Wounded

Tomkins Charles B. Carpenter West Toronto Wounded

Buckley, Edward Car Checker West Toronto Presumed Dead

Pitts, Walter G. Stripper West Toronto Wounded

Carter, David Car Repairer West Toronto Killed in action

Clark, Samuel Carpenter West Toronto Wounded

Keech, Ernest F. Hammer boy West Toronto Wounded

Marks, Frederick Car Repairer West Toronto Killed in action

Cregg, Joseph Tinsmith West Toronto Wounded

Harrison, Robt. H. Trimmer West Toronto Wounded

Adair, James Carpenter West Toronto Wounded

Roseyear, Frank M. Yard Helper West Toronto Wounded

Farrow, Thomas Car Repairer West Toronto Wounded

McCalden, John Locomotive fireman W. Toronto Wounded

Friday, November 9, 2018

Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3rd, 2018, event,Empowering persons with disabilities and ensuring inclusiveness and equality

ARCH invites you to celebrate International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3rd, 2018.

The theme this year is “Empowering persons with disabilities and ensuring inclusiveness and equality”.

Apple Pie Contest! Sunday November 11th

Along  Dundas Street West from Bathurst to Grace Street is the community of Trinity Bellwoods, which many people of the Junctions have driven, TTC’d or biked though, or evened walked.  The neighborhood is full of architectural elements on Dundas St W. and off on the residential ways, well worth a visit.

The  Apple Pie Contest! Makes it all the more interesting.

For details click the read more button.

The Trinity Bellwoods BIA is hosting the second Do: Pie, an Apple Pie contest to raise money for the Women’s Own Withdrawal Management Centre. On Sunday November 11th, everyone is invited to bake an Apple Pie for the contest. The top three winners will be eligible to win a special prize from businesses in the area, as well as a cash prize. If you are not a baker but enjoy a good slice of Apple Pie, join us on Sunday November 11th from 2-4 pm at A-Game Café at 797 Dundas St West. We will be serving up pie at $5 a slice. At 3 pm we will be auctioning off the winning pies!

Last year, we had an 18 pies compete, raising over $700 for the Fort York Food Bank! The Apple Pie contest is open to anyone who wants to bake. There is a participation fee of $10 for the pie contest, which will be donated. Pies will be judged on appearance, crust, filling and overall taste. Registration is online on our website and Facebook page, as well as in person at the Pie Commission, 887 Dundas Street West, beginning October 15, 2018.

We have three fantastic judges on the panel. Our resident pie expert, Janelle Lucas, co-owner of The Pie Commission at 887 Dundas St West and Jennifer Emilson, the Instagram Influencer who displays her extraordinarily beautiful pies on social media via Instagram (@thelemonapron).

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Junction business wins contract to restore Exhibition Place Fire Hall Clock tower

B. A. Construction and Renovation Inc. a Junction business has won the contract for the exterior restoration of the Fire Hall Clock Tower in the amount of $263,309.00. Great!

For more info on the scope of the work click here,


Disclosure, this blog or its author has anything to do with this so business , just happened to notice the winning bid came from a Junction business, and not trying to promote it over similar Junction area businesses.

start no later than: April 1, 2019, Final Completion: September 16, 2019 all bids due Nov 9th 2018

For: Humber Bay Shores Park Trail Improvement Project, Phase 2

Scope of Work for this project includes, but is not limited to the following:

1. Site protection and multi-use trail traffic control detour signage, tree protection, sediment


2. Removal of trees, asphalt paving, interlock paving, concrete edges, etc.; removal,

storage & protection of site furnishings, various park signs, post and rail fences, rock

stones, etc. for reuse.

3. Construction of a wider multi-use trail including asphalt, concrete and interlock paving; granular paving, concrete curbs, tactile warning plates; re-installation of removed & stored items, painted lines and markings, sod restoration, asphalt restoration in parking lot staging area, localized grading and drainage improvements including catch basins, manhole & drain pipes, retaining rocks, dry-laid natural stone walls, tree and shrub planting, shade structures, and site restoration, etc.



Please refer to the  Request for Tender (RFT) document in your possession and be advised of the following:


1.1 Update to Section 4 Scope of Work

Project area is available to start constructions: April 1, 2019

 Construction to start no later than: April 1, 2019  Substantial Completion must be complete by: July 31, 2019  Final Completion: September 16, 2019

Audio mp3 of Lacquer Bake Oven at Canadian Pacific Railway West Toronto Car Shops


This is a audio file generated by the text from the Canadian transportation journal  of 1913 not out of copyright. This is  machine generated using a female voice and and British English, it is clear and good sounding.

The subject is the Lacquer Bake Oven at Canadian Pacific Railway West Toronto, listening time is approx 2 mins.


[audio mp3=""][/audio]



Direct link for download below.


Exhibition Place, Fire Hall Clock Tower Exterior Restoration, complete details And tender table post.

Nov 1 2018 the  exhibition place board started, That the Board concur with the action taken by the Chair of the Board and the Chief Executive Officer in approving the award of Contract No. 18-074-87415 to B. A. Construction and Renovation Inc. for the exterior restoration of the Fire Hall Clock Tower in the amount of $263,309.00, which includes a contingency allowance of $7,500.00.



History from followed by current rehab needs.

The masonry of the clock tower attached to the building is deteriorating and the clock itself is fading and not functioning properly. The proposed work will include exterior restoration, clock replacement and limited interior upgrades. The scope consists of full repointing of the exterior brick masonry, as well as new flashings and window frames, and cleaning of the limestone cornices. The existing clock at the top of the tower will be replaced with a new illuminated clock on all four sides of the tower and a new GPS antenna that controls the electric movements which will automatically keep the exact time daily. Interior work includes upgrades to the railing of the stair, the access ladder and landing; new emergency and interior lighting, as well as exterior flood lights.

The construction budget for this project is under the main-account of #074– Other Buildings with a construction budget of $125,000, a shortfall of $138,309.00 from low tender. It is recommended that this shortfall be funded from the proposed 2019 Capital Works of $150,000 under the same budget line previously identified for the Carillon Tower Retrofit. The Carillon Tower Retrofit will then be moved into the 2020 Capital Works Program. Therefore, the low bid contract price of $263,309.00 with a $7,500 is recommended to be awarded to B. A. Construction and Renovation Inc., the low tenderer. Exhibition Place staff will also inform City Finance of this proposed change in the 10-Year Exhibition Place Capital Program.

B. A. Construction & Restoration Inc. was incorporated in 1997. Based on its company website, the firm started out as a subcontractor of larger firms and became a masonry contractor in 2001 with the stone installation done at the Casino Rama Hotel and Entertainment Centre. It has done work for the Toronto Public Library, Brampton City Hall, Toronto Catholic District School Board, the Durham District School Board, and University of Toronto. The references provided by the two school boards contacted were positive, both stating that they would recommend B. A. Construction and Renovation Inc. services.


Background documents on the Ex’s financial situation.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Employment & Social Services, find out how you can establish and develop your arts career, November 20

Consilium Place Employment & Social Services! 100 Consilium Place 10th Floor

Tuesday, November 20, 2018 1 - 4 p.m. Scarborough Civic Centre, 150 Borough Drive. Join us for a showcase of local artistic talent and find out how you can establish and develop your arts career. 

Learn about training and career opportunities within the Toronto

Dec 26 1938 bird survey Toronto

Toronto, Ont.—December 26, 1938. 7.45

a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Fair at first, clouding about

10.00 a.m. and rest of day mostly cloudy; wind

south-east, 20 to 26 miles; about 2 inches snow;

max. temp. 37°, mm. 32°.


Thirty-five observers

in five parties.


Redhead, 2; Greater Scaup Duck, 2045;

American Golden-eye, 270; Bufflehead, 29; Old-sqaw, 608; Hooded Merganser, 3;

American Common Merganser, 93; Red-breasted

Merganser, 1; Sha^-p-shinned Hawk, 1; Redtailed Hawk, 1; American Rough-legged Hawk, 1

Marsh Hawk, 1; American Sparrow Hawk, 5

Common Pheasant, 104: Common Gallinule, 1 American Coot, 1; Glaucous Gull, 2; Iceland

Gull, 1; Great Black-backed Gull, 30; Herring

Gull, 3250; Ring-billed Gull, 13; Great Horned

Owl, 2; Belted Kingfisher, 2; Hairy Woodpecker,

7; DownyWoodpecker, 37; Blue Jay, 30; American Crow, 9;

Black-capped Chickadee, 156; Whitebreasted Nuthatch, 28; Brown Creeper, 20;

Golden-crowned Kinglet, 13; Northern Shrike, 1;

Common Starling, 1675; Northern Yellow-throat,

1; English Sparrow, 1965; Eastern Meadowlark,

1; Red-winged Blackbird, 1; Cowbird, 1; Cardinal, 17- Evening Grosbeak, 4; Red-eyed Towhee,

1; Slate-coloured Junco, 108; Tree Sparrow, 307;

White-crowned Sparrow, 2; White-throated Sparrow, 1; Song Sparrow, 14.


Total, 46 species,

10,865 individuals.


The Gallinule was found dead at Sunnyside Beach but was lying on toP of the snow and was quite fresh. There were evidences of it having been killed by striking electric transmission wires which pass overhead at this point. The specimen is now in the R.O. M.Z. collection. The Iceland Gull was identified also at Sunnyside, by J. M. Speirs, who was able to examine it through a telescope under most favorable circumstances and note all possible marks of identification. Three species are new to Brodie Club Christmas census lists; Iceland

Gull, Cowbird aad White-crowned Sparrow. — THE BRODIE CLUB, Per. R. .J. Rutter,

Toronto has a new council, historically this turns to disillusionment among the citizens quickly.



Toronto Civic art Guild 1920, opinion of city council

Toronto as Planned by Civic Art Guild. WILL TORONTO ever elect a body of men to its city council who will sacrifice politics and self- interest to the extent of the appointment of a permanent board with power to carry out a systematic plan for the beautification of the city? Much has been done in this direction in other cities, but as yet Toronto has done nothing more than inspect and criticize plans, and appoint a committee  for this purpose, which it has given no authority to either adopt a plan or carry out any scheme.


Despite the discouraging attitude of Toronto's city fathers, the Toronto Civic Art Guild proceeds to work out its suggested plans with an enterprising courageousness that is to be highly commended. Most of the members of this club who have given much of their time to this apparently  thankless work, can never ho|)e to see their plans completed, even though the city accepted their suggestions and proceeded to put them into execution at once.


The most recent scheme as presented by the Toronto Guild of Civic Art, has just been issued in the form of a splendidly ilhustrated and printed brochure, accompanied by their report. Accompanying the report is the plan of the proposed changes, showing by the use of colors what the guild aims at. In short, the plan shows two great diagonal thoroughlares from the centre of the city to the north-eastern and north-western suburbs. It is claimed that these, though costly, would more than pay for themselves.

These roads are calculated for four lines of tracks. Every street north of Queen street would be crossed by one of these diagonals, which would be 125 feet wide, with broad roadways and sidewalks.

A radial road project is one part of the scheme ol beautification, the other is the connecting of the various squares and parks by boulevards, driveways and Laneways. The seawall project is a "cardinal and important sectiim of the improvements." The president of the guild Mr. John A. Baldwin says "It will be the feeling of all who give any thought to the matter that m Toronto we are at the part- ing of the ways with reference to what the future aspect of the city is to he. It does not need a prophet to predict that the next ten or fifteen years wIll see radical changes in streets and structures." Instances and illustrations of what other cities have done are given at some length.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Today, outdoor, community-wide escape room style of Magic on The Danny, (Danforth) Sunday, November 4 from 11am- 5pm

Sunday, November 4th from 11am - 5pm, Magic on The Danny will challenge game-players to complete creative puzzles hidden within the businesses of the Danforth Mosaic Business Improvement Area (BIA).

Today, outdoor, community-wide escape room style of Magic on The Danny, (Danforth) Sunday, November 4 from 11am- 5pm

The family-friendly mystery event is the latest initiative from east-end escape-room Looking Glass Adventures, and sponsored by the Danforth Mosaic BIA.


Owner of Looking Glass Adventures, Christine Hibbard, worked with local business owners along the Danforth to conjure up the magical storyline for game day. The escape-room style event tasks participants with collecting secret stones to unlock an all-powerful wand, while solving puzzles and interacting with mysterious characters along the way!

“The outdoor, community-wide escape room style of Magic on The Danny will highlight the uniqueness of the area, our businesses, and the kind of community feel we have here. It’s a hands-on experience,” shares Hibbard. “We’re creating puzzles at each location that reflect the business. The challenges are immersive and as players walk around the Danforth, they not only get to enjoy the mystery, but also get to see the neighbourhood in a new light.”
Featuring a range of game-locations from restaurants, to coffee shops, art studios, and retail stores, Magic on the Danny is sure to intrigue players while highlighting the diversity of the neighbourhood.


Sunday, November 4 from 11am- 5pm

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Junctionra renews domain name, great!

the junction residents assoc domain, was up for renew on 11 11 2018, and was renewed some days ago, which is just wonderful as there was just under 2 weeks left to do it.

And expiry domains are always picked up by domain  squatters who what huge fees for the original registrant or other community members to get back, often resulting in a communities preferred domain name being lost to the community.

A good job to whoever renewed it over at the JRA.




Railroad car frame straightening at West Toronto Yards 1921

Straightening Frame for Steel Freight Equipment.

The accompanying illustrations show a structural steel framework which is in use at the car department. West Toronto shops, C.P.R., and which is employed in straightening bent end and side sills, sprung sides and ends, bent corner posts, grab irons and ladders, bulged corners,etc., of steel freight cars. The frame is necessarily of substantial construction and well braced, and is erected on a solid concrete foundation.

The top bracing is provided by six transverse I beams, together with the auxiliary tic rods, as shown in fig. 1, and longitudinal chan-nels at the top add to the rigidity. The section of the vertical members is as shown in fig. 2, which also shows the screw jacks and blocks, the blocks moving vertically in the vertical members of the frame, on loosening the nuts, as seen above and below the screw jacks. In addition, there are large rings, secured to iron holding bars sunk into the concrete foundation, for use in straightening vertical bends.

The procedure is to chain the work to the rings in the foundation, and straighten the bent part by the use of jacks set on the concrete. The frame, used in conjunction with a heating torch operating on fuel oil, and which is used to heat the work in various cases, so as to facilitate the bending, does a very satisfactory job on steel cars, and saves a great deal of labor in the way of cutting rivets and rivetting up, removing and reassembling parts,etc., and amply demonstrates its economy and usefulness in car repairs.

We are indebted for this information to J. Bannon, General Car Foreman, West Toronto shops, C.P.R.

Friday, November 2, 2018

The 1st railway in Ontario, was a seventy-six mile section between Hamilton and London.

The 1st railway in Ontario, was a seventy-six mile section between Hamilton and London.

The line opened for traffic on December 31, 1853, but the first passenger run was on December 15.

The first months of operation were a nightmare. By the end of October, 1854, there had been no fewer than seventeen accidents, thirteen involving loss of human life.

Some accidents were not the fault of the railway. At least four were cases in which a train ran over a man lying drunk on the track at night

West TO locomotive driver drunk 1913

J. Grey, a C.P.R. locomotive driver living at West Toronto, was fined 100 dollars at Ingersoll, Ont., on or about Dec. 11. 1913 for being intoxicated while in charge of a locomotive. The sentence was directed to be held in suspense and Grey was directed to report to the C.P.R. solicitors in Toronto when required.

reported January 1914 CRAMW

Thursday, November 1, 2018

kids concert November 3 and 4th 1184 Bloor St.

Two awesome family-friendly shows in November at Burdock! Space Chums w/ The Freckles on Nov. 3 and The Fuddles on Nov. 4!

Free stickers courtesy of TOWN! Face painting and temporary tattoo stand!

And check out some great music videos!
The Fuddles:
Space Chums:

It's going to be a great weekend!

Junction BIA is looking for a dynamic coordinator

We're Hiring! The Junction BIA is looking for a dynamic coordinator to support the Board’s initiatives to foster new membership, promote brand awareness of the neighbourhood, create and maintain a beautiful walkable community, and support established businesses. Posting details:

A Buried gardener expressway, the idea is not new

Cross-section of the Ontario Terrace. Drawing by "a member of the Canadian Institute**, Believed to be Hugh Scobie. Toronto Harbour Commission Archives, PD2/1, Drawing *10267. First Published in Canadian Journal, Vol (1852-53), opp. p. 233 site is sat here right now while changes are made to the normal host This was done on May 28th 2019 This update post will...