Thursday, May 27, 2010

Parkdale Arts and Cultural Centre is offering a free 20-minute tour of Parkdale as part of Doors Open Toronto.

Parkdale Town Square Tour

The Parkdale Arts and Cultural Centre is offering a free 20-minute tour of Parkdale as part of Doors Open Toronto. On the Parkdale Town Square Tour, you will hear a brief talk on the fascinating history of Parkdale, look at the unique architecture of the buildings surrounding the Centre, and see some of contemporary Parkdale’s features.

The tour is offered four times on Doors Open weekend: Saturday, May 29 and Sunday, May 30, both at 1 and 3 pm. Tours begin and end at Gallery 1313, 1313 Queen St W. at Cowan Ave., between Dufferin and Lansdowne.

The tour will be guided by Parkdalian Clair Culliford.


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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Canada Iron and Metal Co house is no more

Canada Iron and Metal Co at 3534 Dundas Street West  has demolished the house on it's property in the south east corner. This machine sits upon the footprint of the house.

[caption id="attachment_6810" align="aligncenter" width="469" caption="The house covered in front by trees"][/caption]

A quickie store please

Look at those small signs hailing out  ready made meals, the great calling display of fruit and vegetables in the window. This store seems to provide a lot of services and choice. Some of ready meal to quick needs and others for making a meal.

The goods on offer are all up front too - you can see in the store. The Junction truly needs a store such as this, not that I am requesting a conglomerate such Sobeys to  set up, yet is is not reasonable for the Junction food retailers to learn a bit from the huge amounts companies such as Sobeys spend on design for customers. Or do we needs Sobeys to come in?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Forgotten Bloor St at Pacific Ave

A block of homes in and around Bloor St W at Pacific Ave and on to Oakmont Ave  has sst waiting for redevelopment byWJ Properties for a number of years and now that the last renter has been removed the questions is when will the development start.

Yet for this author while that is an important consideration, the pressing matter at hand is that many in the community view the homes as architecturally unimportant. This view is completely wrong if you have knowledge of the relationship if local west Toronto communities and the housing in the area. A few of these houses have in addition to others elements the last remaining typical veranda types and rear extensions that were in the past commons in the area and have been removed from many houses.

In addition the houses at the corner of Pacific Ave and Bloor St west at the east corner is one of the last remaining purpose built combo doctors office and home buildings.

Not that this author is completely against the redevelopment, but it is perplexing that many people simply states their opinions with incorporating an west local social fabric elements

from a recent Toronto star article

Local councillor, Bill Saundercook, wishes the whole thing would go away: “I’m not happy about what’s happening,” he told the Star. “The zoning permits highrise, but I’d rather they not develop the site. I like the housing stock there. But Heritage Toronto didn’t designate the buildings. Everyone knows the day will come when they’ll be demolished. The city said no you can’t demolish until you have a plan, but I’ve been told there is no such plan. It’s so confusing.”

No doubt about that.

“It’s a damn shame,” says Rollo Myers of The Architectural Conservancy of Ontario. “It’s a lovely assembly of buildings. Our position is that every building that’s still standing is worth saving rather than sending off to a landfill. There must be rules.”

Toronto Star article by Mr Hume

Monday, May 17, 2010

The west local gap and rights of access to the waterfront

[caption id="attachment_6780" align="aligncenter" width="473" caption="The west local gap at Parkdale"][/caption]

This author has had the opportunity to walk west and then back again from St Josephs hospital in the past months quite a bit. What really struck during the walks was the what the blog is naming the west local gap - the west ends  portion of a problem that extends across the city.  The gap of continuity of place and neighborhood the Gardiner expressway and the QEW  as well as the Lakeshore Rd create between the west commnities and the waterfront.

The view above taken from the hospitals front is right across from one of the west waterfronts most beautiful areas. To arrive at this area one must walk almost three blocks east past the TTC yards to Queen St - cross to reach a pedestrian bridge, or walk about 4 blocks to the west and cross at 2 sets of lights traveling south.

Should these roads be moved underground?  Yes it would cost but the benefits would out weigh  the cost.

The Boom Times Spring Fling

The West Toronto Junction Historical Society and the Junction Residents Association are sponsors of the Boom Times Spring Fling, a community driven art project. Humberside Collegiate students, mentored by local artists in traditional and non-traditional media, create original art and theatre that will be showcased at Humberside HOOPLA on Thursday June 3rd , 6-9pm.

An Exhibit of the students’ art will be on display at the HOOPLA and at Wise Daughters Craft Market during the month June, starting Saturday June 5th, 2 pm. A Roving Exhibit will be in the Junction throughout the summer at patron businesses.


Go Transit - Electrification Study Update Meeting – Georgetown Corridor

[caption id="attachment_6777" align="alignright" width="500" caption="Train passing over an area of the diamond project where the overpass will be."][/caption]

The update meeting will be held Thursday, May 27th 2010 from 7:00 – 9:30 p.m. at the Lithuanian House, 1573 Bloor Street West. The purpose of the meeting is to provide an update on the Electrification Study progress to date.  The meeting format will consist of a presentation by the Electrification Study Team, followed by an opportunity for participants to ask questions and offer feedback on the work completed to date.

[caption id="attachment_6778" align="alignright" width="500" caption="The construction and the train"][/caption]

Thursday, May 13, 2010

....watching the car wash

The Carwash on Dundas St West, is a busy place, yet watching it lately I wonder if it is a benefit to the community?

All in on with Roncesvalles Ave and it's retailer signs

Roncesvalles Ave and it's retailer signs.

Talking a walk down the now non obstructed Roncesvalles Ave roadway, you may enjoy looking at mix of signs both advertorial and the placemarking ones (such as the wall mural above.

Combined with a whole lot of retailers who push out onto the street with flowers and veg, a spring walk along the st is quite enjoyable. The area is more rushed with walkers than the Junction but less than Bloor West Village.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring Fever Coming To Ronces May 15!

Come celebrate Spring on Roncesvalles Avenue!

All-day Sidewalk Sale from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.

Fun for the whole family from noon until 4:00:

Local musicians
Face painters
Craft Table
Bouncy Castles
Balloon Clowns
Flowers for mom
and a special Roncesvalles Village Treasure Hunt: win fabulous prizes!

JRA Meeting tonight where the Junction Arts Festival will be present it's new direction model

Time: May 13, 2010 from 7pm to 9pm
Location: West Toronto Baptist Church
Street: 3049 Dundas Street West

more to follow

From nut and bolt plant to high-rise on Swansea Works lands

From the beautiful Stelco parts plants on the Swansea Works lands we now have this rather good-looking building. The views from the suites must be great both towards the lake and the city core.

This author views it as a great addition to the community and the beach-scape and could only be made better by the addition of some light engineering making or manufacturing on the ground levels. :-)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Our police station is leaving... can this happen?

Toronto Police Division 11  is relocating, and the city owed building will be empty.  This building would make a wonderful mixed use centre for the community.

And just to let everyone know this can happen, here is the story of an old Parkdale police station that has become a mixed use centre for the that community.

Although this author believes the community can ,manage and run a centre without the assistance of the Parks department or Artscape, not that those are not fine groups, it's just the Junction is the Junction.

During doors open you can visit this centre

From the doors open site

1313 Queen St. West was constructed in 1931 as City of Toronto Police Station Division 6 . It remained a police station until the early 1960's . It then became emergency housing with the city of Toronto for about 14 years . The building then became a Metro property until it was turned over to Artscape for a 20 year lease at $1 /year . This came about with the support of the community and many individuals with the vision that the building would become a community venue for organizations and also house 9 live /work artist studios managed by Artscape . Today the building is full of activity and artists are now living in the original stable house.

Event information:
Learn the history of this former Police Station. Exhibition curated by Christopher Hume which displays works by Toronto artists inspired by local architecture.

Photography permitted: No tripod: NoFilming permitted: No tripod: No

Getting there: Click here for map.

TTC (nearest station) Lansdowne /Dufferin & Bus to Queen St. W Bus/streetcar: Brock Street

Saturday, May 8, 2010

....what you brought.... you have made

Parkdale BIA seeks info on more flowers in Parkdale

from the artists website,

This project is an attempt to break through the silence in our community about the fact that Canada is at war and to create a multi vocal dialogue about what we are thinking and feeling about being at war. What do we know about the war, how does it impact us emotionally and psychically? This project is for us to hear each other, to admit collectively that the war is meaningful to us.

This is a project to find out about what people in the Junction are thinking and feeling about the war in Afghanistan and about other wars that may concern you. The audio recorded today will be worked into an outdoor audio installation here in the Junction some time in the coming months.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Agora cafe as part of CONTACT

[caption id="attachment_6685" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="Image Jim Roche"][/caption]

Agora cafe has an interesting display of part of contact in the Junction

from the artist

The exhibition is called Barns of Wellington County and is a series of photographs taken last Spring while traveling through the countryside around St. Jacobs and back to Guelph.  It's at Agora as part of CONTACT for the month of May.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


SHOXS has a sign that really has meaning.  This author respects how the owner of the eatery has recognized the need for colour and creativity in expressing the character of his offerings in the community.  It applies a real respect to it's location in the Junction where good retail design is needed, with the new facade of the TV channel, maybe more buidlings will begin to look this good.

Worldwide Knit in Public Day in the Junction - Guinness World Record Attempt

June 12, three organizations are taking over Junction Square (2945 Dundas St West  at Pacific) to not only brazenly knit in public, but to try to break the Guinness World Record for most knitters in one place at one time!  The event is the brainchild of Michelle Van Looy of That’s Women’s Work, who teamed up with Mary Breen of Wise Daughters this spring to set the ball (of yarn) rolling.  Because Wise Daughters is already associated with Streetknit, a non-profit that collects handknit woollies for Toronto’s homeless, collaboration among all three partners was perfect.  Participants will be encouraged to donate what they knit (that day, or anytime) to Streetknit.  Wise Daughters is a drop-off point for donations of woollies, yarn and needles.  Streetknit meets the last Tuesday of each month at the shop for a lovely evening of knitting and chatting all year round.

So come to Junction Square Sat, June 12 between 1 – 4 with a lawn chair, some needles and yarn.  Be part of history!  Enjoy entertainment, refreshments and prizes.  If you don’t know how to knit, you can take a free beginner class on the spot.  The count for the world record will take place at 3 pm, so please come early to register.

To find out more about the Junction Guinness World Record attempt, or  To learn about Streetknit,  And for more information about what’s happening globally to celebrate Worldwide Knit in Public Day, visit

Oh if they could only stop now and create a park around this structure!

Just imagine a multi-level urban park with community gardens and spiraling  climbing footpaths covered in vines.

Carleton Village/ New Number 11 police station in the process of change.

these pictures taken a few nights ago are already out of dat as the blog pasted by today more the old building was going down

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

in the Junction... a good Bánh Mì ?

near by Bánh Mì Shops?

Can you find these Vietnamese sandwiches in the Junction or near by? The Junction has a good selection of  offerings in the organic and roasted nut areas, as well as a great pizza and house and Italiano restaurant.  It also has a good number of other types of restaurants.

Yet does it lack or more to the point lose from not having a greater selection of international eateries?

from wikipedia...

is a Vietnamese baguette made with both wheat and rice flour, but more popularly known as a type of sandwich traditionally made with this type of baguette.[1] The sandwich is made up of thinly sliced pickled carrots and daikon (do chua),cucumbers, cilantro, chili peppers, pâté, mayonnaise and various meat fillings or tofu. Popular bánh mìfillings include roasted or grilled pork, Vietnamese sausage, chicken, head cheese and ham.

Monday, May 3, 2010

2876 Dundas Street West what is ever happening

2876 Dundas Street West which has sat empty for how many years?...other than 2nd floor use for a interior design company, is simply too good of a retail space to sit empty.

The only speculation that this author can come up with is the owner is sitting on the building in anticipation for the building to rise in property value.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Video: Railpath walking tour, with Scott Torrance over at the Junction Trinagle site

Scott Torrance, the landscape architect behind the design and implementation of the West Toronto Railpath led a walking tour of this wonderful new public space. The walking tour was hosted by the Lost Rivers Committee, Toronto Field Naturalists and the Toronto Green Community.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Life expressed in a public streetscape

[caption id="attachment_6621" align="aligncenter" width="462" caption="Palestinians sit among billboards"][/caption]

I really like the idea of public billboards, these in Palestine are truly wonderful - note billboards there does not meaning advertising, but a form outdoor art.

Would like to see this in the Junction - note the canopy of the tree expressed above the main painted structure - providing a great  link to the sky. site is sat here right now while changes are made to the normal host This was done on May 28th 2019 This update post will...