Saturday, May 24, 2008

Trees are extra special yet isn't the right tree needed

Trees are needed much more all over the city especially beside the boulevard roads - which all seem to have so few (see Lakeshore West). Looking at the above picture - yes... there are houses behind there. Should the city not take into account the best type and size of tree?  As these trees become so big they block the view of street from the house and of the front of the home making it hard for walk by and chat.

What happens when the tree becomes so big the homeowners just can't live with it - say it breaks the foundation or destructs water and waste lines, a city crew comes along digs a hole and chops the roots?  The tree does all the suffering. Picking the right tree at planting, will give all of these front yards trees a happier and longer life?

Did you know…
Planting trees and other vegetation helps clean the air allowing City residents to breathe easier? Vegetation “cools” local air temperatures when water evaporates from leaves makingsummers more comfortable for residents? Planting deciduous shade trees on the west and south sides of buildings can reduce your airconditioning cooling costs by up to 40%? Plting evergreen trees on the north side of buildings can reduce winter heating costs by upto 10%? Planting trees and other vegetation expands the urban forest, creates wildlife habitat andimproves stormwater management making communities more pleasant to live in?

City of Toronto tree planning at clean air partnership.

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