Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Junction BIA discusses procedures and more procedures and then some important community stuff


Yesterday  evening [1. Feb 10 2009] the Junction BIA had a regular meeting in their office on Dundas St West at Mc Murray Ave. attended by about 23  Junction BIA members and the two local councillors of wards 13 and 14. 

Much of the meeting was taken up by their discussion of procedures - one example ...when and if  they can elect a vice chair - how they can elect a vice chair - what type of bird the vice chair can own, that type of stuff.  To properly attend to real business the BIA needs to sort all this out by talking to each other before their next meeting. This is something the current acting chair gave intention to do.  At the next meeting the BIA will elect two new members to it's board from the local BIA members.

With that said, they did report on some things most people in the community would be glad to hear. 

1) the banners along Dundas St West that are such a terrible state, have been taken down and they have a spring banner design call-out {we will attend there office today with a request for the call-out rules and post them here.}

Junction Banners in Need of Replacement Louis M. post on the banner subject

2) the BIA is spending the incredible  amount of  35 thousand dollars for flowers and related items - water - for the flowers they place along the Junction strip.  wonderful. - and that amount probably does not include the volunteer efforts of a few BIA people who do the work for this program. 

3) the BIA's sustainability committee - lead by Neill of Pandemonium Books (drop in and speak to Neill about his committee efforts) is working with green 13 and the Junction residents association to produce Earth Hour in conjunction with Green 13's Bloor West Village program on March 28. Green 13 organizing volunteers have told the junctioneer blog they will keep the blog informed of happenings and we'll post them right away.

4) the Junction BIA has formed a new Junction communication committee with the proposed mandate of a bi-monthly newsletter for BIA members, manage BIA outreach into the greater community - part of this may be to  give the greater community access to their new newsletter folks?  ...and generally support improved communications between BIA members. 

For more information on the BIA and the businesses of the Junction, or call 416 767 9068. email 1st - not that they said so, it just gives them a heads up to help you.


  1. Those flowers they planted in the tree boxes really beautified the streetscape last year. The sunflowers on Keele near Dundas were whimsical. I'm guessing that those were planted by volunteers.

  2. Yes the flowers have been looking fantastic these past few seasons. The BIA pays the cost of the actual flowers but the biggest cost is maintaining/watering the flowers throughout the season. Maintenance is done by volunteers, some watering is paid for but when that runs out, its all volunteers who water the flower beds.

  3. you were going to put up the call?????? for the banners..... what happened??? Please follow through...

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