Thursday, March 19, 2009

Crema Coffee Co. is seeking a patio

[caption id="attachment_3117" align="alignright" width="505" caption="a drawing from the application"]a drawing from the applaication[/caption]

This Junction hotspot submitted an application for a boulevard café on Quebec Avenue last September.  The patio proposal is approximately 35 sq. m. and accommodates 29 people.

Unfortunately even with 90% support (21 in favour/2 opposed) from the neighbours the polling was 2 ballots short of the required minimum response. Under Chapter 190 of the Municipal Code at least 25% of the ballots mailed have to be returned for the application to proceed.

Given the community support for the patio the café owner is requesting the proposal be approved despite the polling shortfall.  In response Municipal Licensing & Standards is requesting the Etobicoke York Community Council either approve or deny the application at the March 26 meeting.

This café is a great addition to the Junction and for many a benchmark improvement to Dundas. Let’s hope the application is approved and the development can proceed.

If you support this application please let Councillor Saundercook know .

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