Friday, April 24, 2009

Annette St receives new flower and tree containers

Annette St continues to gets upgrades as new planters are installed by breaking apart the old one, leaving the tree in situ. They then  form a new container around the bedding area of the new living tree.



  1. Those boxes aren't particularly attractive, and the trees will probably never mature without the room for roots to grow. It's disappointing that the city still uses these, derided by some as "coffins" for the tree.

    Also, did you notice that that TTC area at Keele and Annette has been turned into a little square? It looks like it'll be a nice improvement to the streetscape and functional, allowing pedestrians to cut diagonally. But Hydro still hasn't removed the redundant poles, something that should probably have been done months ago.

  2. Looks like the rootball is higher than the top of the container. Since when is that a good idea?

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