Thursday, December 10, 2009

Highlights from the most recent Junction Triangle Community newsletter

One of the best resident groups communication newsletters is the Junction Triangle Community newsletter. Below are a number of articles from their most recent issue with links to their site.

Also another effort and group from this area has been doing some interesting work around creating a commonly respected name for the the area


A click of your mouse could help a couple of local neighbourhood
groups who are trying to raise some money through the Aviva Community
Fund. The Perth Outreach location of the Dovercourt Boys and Girls
Club and the award winning Art Starts group who did the fabulous mural
on the Dupont underpass are both in the second round of the Aviva fund
raising process. You could help them by simply logging onto the Aviva
site and voting for the projects. The process to register to vote is
very simple and you won't be swamped with junk mail. You can vote once
every day and vote for as many projects as you like. Your effort could
go a long way in helping both groups reach their goals. The links for
each project are included below and we want to say thank you on their
behalf for voting.

* Boys & Girls Club Perth Ave. Outreach Facility:
* Art Starts "Rack'n'Roll" bike racks:


Environmental and soil remediation at the 370 Wallace lands (former
Glidden Paint site) is now complete.  If you have been past the site
in the last few weeks, you may have noticed that the land is now
flattened and seeded with plants.  It is ready to be sold to a
developer.  Thanks to Scott Dobson for the update on this site.  A
letter from Biogene is posted here:

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