Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Village by High Park, photo, video and audio extravaganza starts Tuesday

Well the blogs tour of the Deltera construction  site for The Village by High Park development - which this author is really thankful for - was just so wonderful and exciting even two days later, I still feel excited about communicating all the information and sharing the photos, video and audio with all of you.

There is so much to share I thought we would do a series of about 15 posts one every two days.

Also in the 1st post a very special revelation about how how the Junction just does not let its people go ....even after a couple generations bringing families back to serve her further.

Just to get you hooked ...well this image hooked me when I took it,

lick on the image to see the 4 meg version

DSC00157 at 500


  1. Stunning photo, so glad you're doing this!

  2. It will look a lot better on a sunny summer day.

  3. Robert.
    You're such a sychophant! Developer invites you to a nice perch to take a few photographs and suddenly hes the nicest fellow in town :)

  4. Rather no, I have been following this development for a long time in this manner, review the past posts on the development.

  5. Oh, and after they rebuilt the subway wall last summer I realized something special was happening.

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