Tuesday, February 9, 2010

photo post:The Queensway Retail to Lake Shore Blvd W residential walk, wow

Along the Queensway  just west of the South Kingsway on South side a thriving and very busy retail centre has emerged, containing among other stores a Shoppers Drug Mart, a Flight Centre travel agency and a Sobeys Store.

Perfect for the needs of the people living in the condominiums south of the expressway.

Choosing to walk between these two locations is real difficult, it is  a car route if there ever was one.



  1. Perhaps those condos will have their own retail areas with groceries and a drug store.

  2. There is no Lakeshore Rd in Toronto which includes Etobicoke. Lakeshore Rd is a street in MIssissauga. In Toronto, and Etobicoke, the street is Lake Shore Blvd W.
    The street was so named in 1961 by bylaw 1548.

  3. Looks like someone should build a bridge...


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