Monday, August 23, 2010

Junction Arts Festival Activity Map

This is the latest activity map of the 2010 Junction Arts Festival.

At 11am today the blog will post text overview a text overview of the content of the festival.


Note some items may change before the festival.

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Location:McMurray Ave,Toronto,Canada


  1. Looks great! Can't wait...

  2. It's great that it will extend east of Keele because that's the Junction area as well.

  3. Thansk A.R. that was so hard for the festival too do.

  4. Maria Street runs east-west. I assume the western point here is actually St. John's Place?

  5. maria street curves onto dundas.

  6. Actually it runs East-West, from Clendenan to Runnymede, intersecting Boler St., Shipman St., St. John's Place and Gilmour Ave. along the way. At no point does Maria meet Dundas. If the festival goes as far as St. John's Place and Gilmour stays open there may at least be a second means of accessing Maria Street during the festival (the other being off of Runnymede). It can be tricky to plan street closures given the wonky geography of the area, but I am glad to see the festival expanding.

  7. my mistake, forgot it was St-Johns Place. agree about the expansion of the festival area.

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