Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Junction Triangle light industrial studio building sets pace needed.

Needed, more buildings for light industrial and design and art studios thoughout the greater Junction Area.

To create a vibrant community there must be opportunities for healthy living, good employment, new businesses creation and involved residents.

In the piles of renewed urbanization studies that abound, a common finding is that residents then employment then new creative industrials, be they skilled and tech manufacturing or culture based services followed by general retailing are the path to a healthy growing community.

Throughout the area we need to support such building use.

The images above such a building in the Junction Triangle clearly show the building can be developed and managed well.



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  1. This projects has resulted in quite the transformation from the ugly building and yard that was there before, with good architecture and lots of possibilities for new commercial uses. It looks like a job well done. I hope it does well on Wallace Avenue, which isn't the most well-known street.


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