Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Queen Margherita is summoning the “God of pizza ovens” for its upcoming west-end location - Eat - March 2012 - Toronto

Queen Margherita is summoning the “God of pizza ovens”.

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Who seem to have got the story from now magazine.

"He also tells us that the new venue will be built inside a former bank at 785 Annette St. (at Jane St.) and will be similar in concept to the original location." After catching word that Queen Margherita Pizza is set to open a second location near the Junction this fall, we got in touch with co-owner John Chetti. Apparently, he and his partners have cemented a deal with Stefano Ferrara, who Chetti refers to as the “God of pizza ovens,” to come from Naples and personally build and install a pizza oven at the new location.

He also tells us that the new venue will be built inside a former bank at 785 Annette St. (at Jane St.) and will be similar in concept to the original location.

“We still want that rustic Italian look,” Chetti says.


  1. That Modern bank building doesn't seem appropriate for a "rustic Italian look", but it's good to hear that it will see new life after CIBC closed it along with a number of their branches in walkable areas in favour of one large branch in a car-oriented shopping plaza in the Stock Yards.

  2. This building is still for lease. Signs are still up and according to the website this space is still available...
    Maybe they have chosen a different location or bailed on this second location?

    I do like the mockup of what this building could look like with a little fixing up.

  3. will contact them to see whats up

  4. Application for a liquor license including the "Queen Margherita" name is now posted in the window. The retail along the western end of Annette St. is coming together nicely and this will be a nice addition.

  5. Perhaps it's the presence of the relatively young Baby Point B.I.A that has helped the area. This venue... plus the new organic chocolate place... plus the Outhouse Camp down the street... plus the hardware store which is definitely higher end and chic-chic than most. The Baby Point area is very well-heeled and I've always wondered why most of the businesses in the area were of a lower-end nature. I know by looking through the commercial listings that Alfredo's is on the blocks ( after you sign into the real estate site). Maybe someone will buy that and turn it into something more upscale as well.

    Take a look at he current business make-up off the area. I think you'll see some big changes in the years ahead.

  6. everything you posted in your comment is very likely, the blog will go down and put of a image post of the change in store this week.

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